Girard Gibbs - Girard Gibbs Breach Of Contract

Posted on Wednesday, August 10th, 2011 at 12:50am CDT by 6d0b61e5

Product: Take information you supply and use it to their benefit

Company: Girard Gibbs

Location: 601 California Street, 14th Floor
San Francisco, CA, 94108, US


Category: Other

If you plan on contacted an attorney for legal action the best bet is to find one who will file a single suit for you only.

Don't contact a class action lawyer.

Class action benefits the law firm involved and you may only end up with a coupon of some sort, Or $10 while the firm ends up with millions.

If you feel their is no other way but a class action. Be careful what information you supply to the firm involved, They may use the information to benefit them and leave you out.

This is called a breach of contract whether you signed an agreement with them or not.

Because without the information you supplied they would not have a case nor would they know about such information to file suit to begin with.

As far as freedom of speech and my opinion. I would contact any firm except the one mentioned because your information may not be confidential and maybe send to other people to view without notice or consent by you.

Class Action may also be filed by the firm without you been a class member even when the firm tells you that you're a member of the class.

Do the research check for complaints.

Also check with the Bar to see if complaints have been filed.

If you have been wronged also file a complaint with the court in which the matter has been filed and complain that you submitted all the information needed for the firm to file such action but left you out.

Search for attorney's who handle legal malpractice.

It may also benefit you to contact the defendant's law firm and complain to them about the action that the plaintiff use that you supplied.

Keep all information and communication such as phone call records, Also if you talk to someone at the firm do so as a three way call, If the firm calls you have someone on the other phone listening and write down everything said.

Also record the calls tell the firm at the beginning that this call is been recording for the record and if they disagree they have the right to end such call. Also note if they record the call but fail to tell you, They cannot use it against you. It is also illegal for them to do so, Unless both parties agree.

I strongly suggest that you file a complaint with the Bar because with all communication, Emails, Letters, And proof that suit was filed this will help in the Bar's decision of what action to take. It is the burden of proof.


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