david hair ruiner at headlines salon - abusive hair stylist, jerk scumbag, screws women over

Posted on Saturday, April 9th, 2011 at 5:44am CDT by 69674b37

Company: david hair ruiner at headlines salon

Location: alafaya trail
orlando, fl, 32822, US

Category: Other

beware of david the faggot at headlines salon on alafaya trail in orlando. the salon is good and so is the management, btu this jerk stylist..is so rude to people and ruins clients hair on purpose. This moron told me he was going to take off 3 inches, but suddenly just took off over 12 inches and totally ruined my hair. It has literally been almost 3 months and my hair is still a wreck--david literally butchered it--doing who knows what to it--so its different lengths, different layers and looks horrible. my hair usually grows fast, but david with his magic has caused it to grow so slow its surprising as its still really short...it seems anything this idiot does is just bad when it comes to doing people's hair. He also does it intentionally or needs to go back to grade school math since he has no clue what the different between 3 and 12 is and on his own whim just takes off people's length as he wants. He then gloats on how they shud want short hair...he also doesnt think its wrong to put a cape around someone's next too tight....if you want your hair ruined then go to this idiot of a stylist...he will in two minutes ruin your hair causing you stress and being upset over nothing....this guy is a loser and moron and beware if u decide to go to this place or deal with a jerk like it.


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