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Posted on Saturday, April 9th, 2011 at 12:26pm CDT by 05a66dfc

Product: Motorola Droid

Company: Verizon Wireless

Location: 5775 State St.
Saginaw, Mi, 48603, US


Category: Other

I did an early upgrade to a Droid, right around when they first came out. I had that phone roughly 6 months before I requested a new one. The reason I requested this was because I left my phone on the top of my car and drove away. I went back later and retrieved the phone. Luckily there was only minor scratches to the "body" of the phone. Later that day I started experiencing problems with my phone. i.e. freezing, selecting and opening applications by itself, just working improperly. I called Verizon and they sent me out a refurbished replacement phone.

Long story short, I went thru 5-6 refurbished Droids (mind you, I have been in contact with Verizon the whole time). I spoke with a represenitive and she authorized a Droid Global be sent out. I received the Droid Global and instantly started having problems. Although, the problems I was having with the Droid Global (at first) didn't bother me! It was a HUGE step up from what I was dealing with with the original Droid phones.

I started to notice that my Droid Global would not let me unlock my phone. The lock I have set up is the basic lock where you swipe your finger across the phone horizontally. My phone began "twitching" the lock and would not swipe across. As the month progressed, new problems arised. After trying 15 times to get my phone unlocked, I would get to the home screen and the phone would select an application and open it. After it was opened the phone would select the 'Menu' and open something from the 'Menu' and so on and so forth until there were no more options to select.

I again called on 4/7/11 Verizon and the lady authorized a LG Ali be sent out. The lady told me she put the phone, back and battery in the box and I would have to send my phone, back and battery back to her with the pre-paid shipping label. She would overnight ship it and I receive it the next day. I indeed received a package the following day. I opened the box and there is a phone with no back or battery.

I called Verizon today 4/9/11 and spoke with John. I told him about the SEVERAL issues I have experienced and he kindly apologized, tried to help but couldn't. I requested he cancel my service (my sister who is on my plan would get another plan/assume this one) with NO early termination fee because I have been unhappy sine 6 mo after my uprgade. I don't feel that my problem has been resolved, and frankly I'm not sure that it will be. I am sick and tired of having to be on the phone with Verizon for a half hour at a time trying to resolve this issue and nothing is being done. He told me he couldn't cancel my plan without the fee, so I asked to speak to his manager.

I spoke to his supervisor, Rachel. I informed her that I was unhappy with everything I have had to deal with for the past however long this has been. She states it's been 6 mo, but I beg to differ. On my Verizon Wireless account @, my bills/statements go back to April 26, 2010. I do not pay $110/ mo. for my phone not to work. I requested she cancelled my service with no early termination fee. She also said she could not do that. She looked over my account and gave me a couple options. One, I could wait until Tuesday when the back and battery were to arrive or two, I could do an early upgrade. I told her I was not upgrading because my last upgrade has caused so many problems I don't feel I should have to pay for another phone that probably will not work either. Not to mention, I am not willing to extend my contract with Verizon Wireless.

Since she was not helpful, I asked to speak to her supervisor. She told me her supervisor does not take calls on Saturday but she would call me within 72 hours. That is poor customer service as far as I am concerned. I asked for the direct number to her supervisor, Josey and she said she was unable to provide me with this information. Rachel also said I could contact executive relations and file a complaint. I asked for the information, she put me on hold and when she returned, she was unable to provide the information. Rachel stated there was a change on 4/5/11 so I would have to wait to hear from Josey.

I have been with Alltel / Verizon Wireless (on my moms account for 2 years before my own plan) since 2006. For the past year, year and a half I have been VERY UNSATISFIED with Verizon's service and customer service. One of my refurbished phones was sent out due to my phone constantly muting itself while I was on the phone- even on speaker. Another reason was because after trouble shooting my phone with a customer service rep at the 1800# I still couldnt use my 3G network OR had service. Ever since Verizon bought Alltel, I have had issues. I never signed a contract with Verizon -- ONLY Alltel. Again, another reason I do not feel I should have to pay an early termination fee. I feel I have been more than fair and patient by allowing them a year, year and a half to resolve this problem and nothing yet has helped/worked to get my problem resolved.

My biggest concern is my 6 mo. old daughter, Ella, who is sick. When we are out, which is often with her doctors appointments and such, I rely on my phone..although it is unreliable. If anything were to happen to my daughter and I were unable to use my phone I would be forced to consider legal action against them. I do not want to be forced to do something like that. I feel if I cancel my service and go elsewhere I could find a more reliable phone and carrier.


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