Covington Contracting - Poor Construction

Posted on Saturday, April 9th, 2011 at 1:04pm CDT by 9e8bbc7c

Product: Home remodel

Company: Covington Contracting

Location: 152 Newtown Road suite 120
Virginia Beach, Vi, 23462, US


Category: Other

Covington Contracting did a home remodel addition for me in 1999. By 2001 I had to have much of the work done again due to poor construction and water leakage. I had significant water damage at that point and I found out 4/12/10 that water had been continuing to enter through the rooftop membrane that had been placed 8/99. The whole wall on the North side of the new construction had to be removed and replaced and the rooftop membrane had to be reinstalled correctly. I had contacted Mr Covington 12/10 and he felt there was too much time between his contractural period to assume any responsibility for the water damage. I reminded him that I had to have a second firm come in after his Company did the addition to correct water damage in 2001 and the current water damage was from a poorly installed rooftop membrane which rotted the entire 3 floors of exterior wall. Not to stand behind an obvious flaw in your company's construction a SECOND time is inexcusable.


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