Condos in Daytona - Not able to Contact for Anything!

Posted on Friday, April 8th, 2011 at 7:33am CDT by 61d20968

Product: Condo Rental

Company: Condos in Daytona

Location: Daytona Beach, Fl, US


Category: Other

I booked this condo for the week of July 2-July9, 2011. I made my reservation in Feb 2010. I did pay a deposit of $200 that states is refundable if cancelled 30 days prior and they can rent the condo again unless it is an event week. I was fine with that, this is my honeymoon after all. Well, my first indication that I should ask for a full refund (and would have gotten it) was when in June of 2010 I get an email from my bank stating that a $700 withdrawl has been made from my checking account. I freak out thinking my bank card number was stolen and log into my bank online. Stephanie Jones has taken out $700, the remainder of my rental owed. I was told when I booked that I could pay the remaining balance by certified check directly to the owners and my last payment had to be 30 days before my check in day. Well, this was over a year before I would leave! I called and emailed and finally got a response. It took three days for it to go back into my checking and thankfully nothing bounced! A few months later in September my fiancee and I were thinking of taking our son with us so we wanted to see if Stephanie Jones had a one bedroom instead of a studio that we could move to. I kept emailing her and calling but didn't get a response until the end of September. She said to call her on her cell and that she would be leaving her house by 12pm that day for a cruise. I call at 11am like she said and she was very nasty about everything. She told me she didn't have time to deal with me and that I should call back during normal hours of 2pm-2am. I told her she had emailed me to call her before noon and she got nasty. Instead of being rude I simply stated I would wait to hear from her when she got back. I emailed her a couple more times and never heard anything. All of my phone calls were unanswered and no messages returned.

By November I'm really put out and my fiancee and I are looking at other places. We want to be sure we don't get down there and have problems. We are searching the internet and wouldn't you know, so many complaints on Stephanie Jones! We then get an email from the owner of the condo we were booked in and he tells us that he had some guy call him the first week of November asking how to access the keys to the condo because he had a reservation but the front desk had no record of it and he couldn't get Stephanie Jones on the phone. The owner stated that Stephanie Jones no longer represented him and his condo and he had taken it from her in September. The owner told the guy that she should have made other arrangements for him. The guy told the owner that he had paid Stephanie in full at the time of his booking. The owner then went through his records and told the guy he had never recieved a payment for that week or for someone with his name! So in other words the guy was screwed!

Ok, so after hearing this my fiancee and I are freaking out. First the woman takes our money without authorization, granted she gave it back but it all boils down to the pricible of the thing. Then she does this shaddy crap to this guy. Then when I called her in September she never stated she didn't rent that condo anymore.

So, I begin to call, every day, and email constantly. I never get a response. Not from her anyway. It isn't until Jan. 12, 2011 that I get a response from Stephanie Jones' supposed daughter. She states that her mother is in a coma and has been for some time. She tells me that she has no idea how to run the rental company but hopes that her mother will be back to work at some point. Ok, so what about all these people that have booked with her? She didn't have a back up plan?

Here is why I am ticked. I am still trying to reach this woman to get my $200 back. I have already booked with another guy, even got a cheaper rate and more nights. A friend of ours has stayed with him before and said it was great so I know I'm in the clear this time. Stephanie Jones won't return my emails or phone calls. I know, you are thinking she is still sick. Wrong! I went up and found where she has been updating her rentals on mulitple websites. She has one dated Jan. 19, 2011 as the last update. Hmmm, that is only one week after I got an email from her "daughter" stating she was so ill and in a coma. Ha! What a crock! How are things getting updated for her condos if she is in a coma? Because she isn't in a coma OR someone does know how to run the condo rentals and just isn't letting me know. I did hear from another rental company that Stephanie Jones was having health problems but they did not say it was that serious. Either way, someone is working at this company and not wanting to deal with me.

Needless to say, do not rent from this woman. She goes up on websites and posts bogus reviews about herself with an alias and she won't return your calls. I know that when we do go to Daytona Beach in a few months that I will be making a police report. This is breech of contract. She has not fullfilled her side of it. Even if she refused in the begining to refund me I would have been willing to take that but she wouldn't even respond to me!

I only want a response and since she has made my time stressful while I'm trying to plan my wedding I want a full refund. I doubt I'll get one but unless I do I will be posting complaints about her everywhere and telling everyone about her!


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