Muscle Beach East Gym, Ltd. - Muscle Beach East Gym, Ltd. Falsely Claiming I owe them money

Posted on Friday, April 8th, 2011 at 8:37pm CDT by Cynthia M.

Product: Gym Membership

Company: Muscle Beach East Gym, Ltd.

Location: 9653 1st View Street
Norfolk, Vi, 23503, US


Category: Other

I am complaining that Mr. Epps and Muscle Beach East Gym, Ltd. are attempting to collect money from the wrong person. I have never had any financial arrangements, contracts, or dealings with Muscle Beach East Gym. And yet they have sent the alleged complaint that I have not paid my membership dues to M. Richard Epps, Attorneys. Mr. Epps' collection letter arrived in my hands today claiming that I owe Muscle Beach East Gym, Ltd. $360 in principal amount placed for a 12 month contract I am assuming based on their website information about membership. That kind of contract requires a "pay by automatic draft $30 per month for 12 months. Must pay by bank or credit card draft." ( Also, Mr. Epps is attempting to collect $67.29 in interest charges and $90 for attorney's fees. I never entered any kind of contract with them nor any kind of financial arrangement with them EVER in my life. This supposedly occurred in February 2008 according to the collection letter. When I tried to get any proof of membership from the Muscle Beach East Gym employees Brian and Joe, Joe looked thoroughly in the paperwork and found NOTHING, absolutely no records, of me as a member or client of theirs. When I asked for Joe to simply write that statement on paper that I do not have a record of membership or any relationship with them, he said he could not. He said that the owner Darren has membership records at home and on the computer. When I asked "How do you not have any record of me and yet you are suggesting that I owe you this money" he said that I better leave now or he'll call the police. He did in fact call the police on me as I stood there with my children awaiting any kind of information about my records with them or something written to the effect of there being no records of me in their system at all. He then locked my 12-year old son out as he was trying to get my cell phone out of the car and come back. He effectively locked us inside the gym too. I want my reputation cleared that I have never ever been a client or member of Muscle Beach East Gym and a written apology from the owner and Joe for this deplorable behavior. I do not know this company, and am thoroughly UPSET that they can make utterly false claims that I owe them money for services never rendered. I want a whole resolution in clearing my name from this whole collection. If this matter is unresolved very soon within 30 days as per the lawyer's collection letter, then my credit score will be ruined by them, to which I will then be having to hire my own lawyer and suing the gym and the attorney Mr. Epps for defamation of character and poor credit score. They have not shown any iota of evidence that I ever had a contract with them nor any other kind of registration information such as credit card or bank information as well as any sort of copy of my social security number nor copy of my identification. My name is even misspelled in the collection letter!

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erin e., 2013-05-10, 06:11PM CDT

Can I just say that this gym doesn't send out letters to its members. I have owed money before and they simply tell me if I can pay it. But, if you don't then bye bye. I have been a member only for a couple of years and know that this is not how the owners work. This gym was bought over in 2009 as it says on their website. This complaint is way too much drama for me but I would say this is a false complaint and that this matter be looked into thoroughly by the owners. Causing a dent in a local business whom have been very accommodating to my circumstances really annoys me. It looks to me like this complaint was written by staff from another gym wanting to take business away from a local owner. Shame on you! Joe is really easy going and so are the other staff members. There are no long term contracts and you got your numbers wrong by the way! Its 29$ per month!

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