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Product: Earnest Money

Company: Meritage Homes

Location: . Sam Houston Parkway N. #C 250 Houston, TX 77043
houston, TX, 77043, US


Category: Other

Company information:

Meritage Corporation

Houston, Texas

United States

Phone: 713-690-1166

My experience with Meritage Corporation.

Builder: Meritage Corporation 2901 W. Sam Houston Parkway N. #C 250 Houston, TX 77043 713-690-1166 fax 713-357-1182 Sales Agent Yolanda Danjoy Cell 832-371-0833

The Meritage Corporation has an F rating with the Better Business Bureau on a scale from A to F.10 failure to respond to complaints. 6 complaints not resolved. 18 complaints on earnest money not returned.

Warning: When the Meritage Homes Corp. ask you to write the check to them, Do not do it. If they take your check, its called commingling. The check should be made to the lending company.

Websters definition of commingling:

Commingling literally means "mixing together". Used in a legal context it is a breach of trust in which a fiduciary mixes funds that he holds in the care of a client with his own funds, making it difficult to determine which funds belong to the fiduciary and which belong to the client. This raises particular concerns where the funds are invested, and gains or losses from the investments must be allocated. In such circumstances, the law usually presumes that any gains run to the client and any losses run to the fiduciary who is guilty of commingling.

The problem of commingling is of particular concern in the legal profession. Attorneys are strictly prohibited from commingling their clients' funds with their own, and such activity is grounds for disbarment in virtually every jurisdiction, because of the ease of embezzlement and the difficulty of detection. Similar rules apply for licensed real estate brokers handling earnest money and other professionals who hold deposits as agents for clients in absentia.

I filled out a credit application for a 1st time home buyer. I did not qualify. Meritage Homes Corp. declined my $500.00 earnest money refund.

Realtor: Bamboo Jay Bradley 281-221-5809 866-264-0608 ext. 710 Nice guy. I have not heard from him nor did he help me get my earnest money refunded. I was shown three houses.

Lending Company: MTH Lending 9186 Katy Frwy Ste 201 Houston, TX 77055 713-802-2100


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