General Electric Appliances - Refrigerator Noise

Posted on Thursday, April 7th, 2011 at 8:48am CDT by a79664b4

Product: GE - GST16

Company: General Electric Appliances

Location: US


Category: Other

GE Refrigerator "Evaporator Motor" FAILURE. These refrigerators are three years old and out of warrantee but should not have the volume of failures we are experiencing. We have seen ten (10) fail in the last year with six (6) of those in the past two months. The Evaporator Motors make so much noise that you can't sleep in the same area. I even found the part on the internet by researching NOISY parts. The parts are about $50.00 and with a service call would be nearly a $200.00 cost to repair. I would guess that these motors are in additional models and are having the same problems. RECALL? In my opinion, YES!


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