TigerDirect - Company will not Honor Sale Price

Posted on Thursday, April 7th, 2011 at 7:06pm CDT by 715e2f99

Product: LG HDTV Model:60PK540

Company: TigerDirect

Location: Miami, US

URL: http://www.tigerdirect.com/

Category: Other

I received an email for a special from TigerDirect as I am a current customer. The sales was on an HDTV LG model 60PK540 their cat. item # L49-6030. The sale was from 4/5/2011 to 4/7/2011 11:59PM. The price was $1099 I went to order the product on 4/6/2011 place the item in my shopping cart and when check out the item disappeared. I started over and find that item was only available at their stores which are over 2000 miles away. I called and they told me they were running low and had no more on order but keep watching the web page as they me reallocate some stock to the internet sales.

The next day 4/7/2011 the item reappeared as available on the Internet but the price moved up $200 to $1299. I can get this same price at Costco and get a 2 year warrantee, and no shipping charges. A called TigerDirect to see why and they claimed they got new stock in but will not honor the sale price. I had them elevate the issue to their marketing team but they would not move claiming the new stock (which they claimed the day before was not on order) was bought at a higher price so they could not afford to honor the price. They claimed they would loose money at this $1099 price. Nobody in retail work off that low a margin.

Totally misleading advertizing. I will never buy from them again. They lost a customer over $200.


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