Kessler Auto Sales - Rude customer service

Posted on Wednesday, April 6th, 2011 at 4:17pm CDT by 4a2d457e

Company: Kessler Auto Sales

Location: 600 West 6th St - Hwy 14
St Charles, MN, 55972, US


Category: Other

What do you think? Inquiry from the website (#414347) to Kessler Auto Sales: Vehicle: 1995 MAZDA 626 Dealer Stock#: 721 Price: $ 1395 Name: Amanda Request: Wondering if this car is still available. Would be willing to pay $1000 cash for the car. Please let me know. Amanda

Sorry, we do not negotiate price via email. Best Regards, Todd Kessler - Owner Kessler Auto Sales 600 West 6th St - Hwy 14 St. Charles, Mn 55972 (507) 932-3862 Phone I only ask because we are in Eau Claire and would need to drive to you to see car/ if unwilling to negotiate price would not be worth the trip. - Show quoted text - -- Amanda I never said I wasn't willing to negotiate. I simply said, Sorry, we do not negotiate price via email. 99.99% of the time, like this email, negotiating price with someone that has never looked at the car is a complete waste of my time but I'll be happy to play along. Seriously?!? first off, if it doesn't say that it's sold on the internet then it's still available; secondly, you haven't even looked at it in person, opened the doors, sat in the driver's seat, heard it run, taken it for a test drive or anything but you're willing to ask me, via email of all things, to take money out of my very own pocket and sweeten the deal for you?!? How much do you think good cars should cost??? This can't be the only 16 year old car with over 200,000 miles on it you're looking at within a 2 hour drive. are we willing to discuss price in person? Always are we willing to discuss price via email? Now chances are once I give you a price I'll never hear from you again. Best Regards, Todd Kessler - Owner Kessler Auto Sales 600 West 6th St - Hwy 14 St. Charles, Mn 55972 (507) 932-3862 Phone

Wow, That was a really brash response to a simple question. I was merely asking a question. If you are this hostile via email then I guess it would be a waste of my time. I merely asked because we have looked around Eau Claire for several months without much luck and have decided to look further. If you were firm in your price then I wouldn't want to spend $50 round trip to discover that I wouldn't purchase the car. I make many arrangements via email including financial for my work and so to me it doesn't seem inappropriate. Good luck to you. - Show quoted text - -- Amanda

Simply telling it like it is with the facts, must be something in the water over there in Eau Claire that's making this hard for you to understand. You asked if the car was still available. YES, IT'S STILL LISTED ONLINE AND NOT MARKED SOLD pretty simple to figure that one out I guess and it's a FACT. You asked if me to give up my profit and made a ridiculous offer without seeing the car in person, profit that I use to pay employees and bills to which I replied. SORRY, WE DO NOT NEGOTIATE PRICE VIA EMAIL. Didn't really think I had to spell that out for you either but apparently that's the case as well. Did you ask me if the price was negotiable? No you did not, but you assumed since I wouldn't answer your question directly with a simple yes or no, when you didn't actually ask the right question in the first place, that I was just being a stubborn ass about it with your reply. I mean come on really??? You've been looking for several months and you're looking at $1000 cars??? Good luck to you please go waste someone else's time. Best Regards, Todd Kessler - Owner Kessler Auto Sales 600 West 6th St - Hwy 14 St. Charles, Mn 55972 (507) 932-3862 Phone

I'm sorry for wasting your time, I've never used the website, and have experience in the past where things were no longer available even if listed online, and just wanted to check. Again, I was not rude, condescending or hostile to you. If this is how you run a business then I'm surprised you're still in business. - Show quoted text - -- Amanda


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