Eezi Movers - Unprofessional, no feedback, ineffcient

Posted on Tuesday, April 5th, 2011 at 4:31pm CDT by 7706ece7

Product: Removals

Company: Eezi Movers

Location: Faerie Glen - Pretoria
Pretoria, Ga, 0043, ZA


Category: Other

I aranged for prepacking of my kitchen goods and wrapping of all furniture items the day before. Of course payment for all this and the move is upfront. This was carried out and the team was outstanding. Sadly on the day of the move, the movers arrived, 2 of the gents were good and the superviser / driver and one other gent were terrible. It was raining, they were completely unprepared. They did not pack effectively and had to take everything out and repack, leaving my belongings and boxes in the road, wet and in the rain. They arrived at teh new house and despite providing HEIGHT restrictions the truck was way bigger and could not enter the premises. The movers refused to move the goods without a shuttle vehicle which the manager then said woule be sent but that arrived 3.5 hours later. Eventually the move began, it was dark and late 8:35pm. They moved the goods with little regard for anything braking, chipping and bashing furniture. Items placed in incorrect rooms and dumped in places leaving us to move them - why pay?? I paid for boxes to be unpacked, the movers simply got in their trick and left at approx 11pm stating I should call the office on Tuesday (Mon was a public holiday). I left a message on the manager's phone - I am still waiting for him to call me back. There has been correspondence between the so called manager and I, but I hav ehad to initiate it each time. They offered me a discount which equates to 14%, however their terms and conditions state a manager will be on site within 1.5hrs of a complaint - NOT - or a 15% discount guaranteed- NOT! Apparently I was not covered from an insurance perspective for broken goods - I did not know I had to pay in case they broke my goods out of negligence. Seriously, I am dumbfounded. BUT in doing my homework I notice there are 15 complaints of the same nature for the last few months! I think it goes to show - DO YOUR HOMEWORK BEFORE SELECTING MOVERS - It is stressful enough without their inefficiency. Eezi Movers are useless and do not live up to their code of conduct. Lack of feedback from the managers and no contact with the owner! Tanya Miranda


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