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Posted on Tuesday, April 5th, 2011 at 6:47pm CDT by 25f347a5

Product: Dr. Richard Slarve MD

Company: Siskiyou Family Healthcare

Location: Yreka, CA, 96097, US

Category: Other

I am a young woman and I went in to the clinic today to switch my birth control pills. I was seen by a Dr. Slarve. The appointment started out being a little uncomfortable and invasive. Prying into my personal business, why else would i be getting on birth control? It's pretty self explanatory. Over the course of the appointment he became more rude and even more inappropriate. He made sexual comments such as "You're having all this sex and yet your afraid to see me." In reference to my pap-smear exam, which is standard procedure when getting on birth control. He asked the question "Oh, you like having all this sex but you don't like pap-smears??" After i told him I extremely dislike the exams. If you're a woman you know exactly how much of a difference there is between an exam and sexual intercourse. Although I told Dr. Slarve several times throughout the appointment that i am currently not having any sexual relations he continued to pry. He asked me "How many boyfriends do you have.. 1, 2, 7..12??" Doctor Slarve was wildly inappropriate and very, very unprofessional. I feel a Doctor is there to help his patients, not demean them. No one should be treated with the same NONrespect i was given. No Good Doctor should make his patients feel so violated and abused!


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