Build It Digital - Build It Digital is a ripoff

Posted on Tuesday, April 5th, 2011 at 8:19am CDT by 1d5641a6

Product: Website services

Company: Build It Digital

Location: Tulsa, OK, US


Category: Other

This company and its owner, Robert Spencer, are incapable of performing the services it offers and advertises. Our nightmare with them has lasted for more than a year and we're consistently being told things that never come true and we STILL haven't received the services that we've paid for.

The owner seems entirely out of touch with reality and definitely seems to live in an altered state of reality.

BEWARE of Robert and Build It Digital. He's already stolen over $3k from us and we have nothing positive to show for it.

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ee486b67, 2012-03-11, 03:35AM CDT

I had a similar experience with him and his team. I waited months and months and they kept saying they were ready for the next part, but it was always at the same stage.

I then found out they had outsourced my work to, a Pakistan-based company that even designed their website. I specifically wanted everything confidential.

BEWARE! They outsource almost all of their design work. Go to, his name is on a testimonial, as well as many designs he had them do. Robert and his company are liars and will take your money.

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