north star ford - ford owes me 3000 dollors was $10,OOO

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Location: 505 MacKenzie Blvd Fort McMurray, AB T9H 4X3, Canada (780) 791-7911
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North Star ford owes me $3000. (three thousand dollars) and will not give me my money back, thinking that it is their hard earned money.

MY NAME IS RANDY HEALEY AND I WORK IN FORT MCMURRAY ALBERTA. One day at North Star Ford I looked at a Explorer Sports Trac 2010, just precisely what I desired.

When my friend, brother and I went for a test drive, I was so convinced that this was the one I wanted I even let my friend drive it back to the store. My salesman was Melvin Bessey, he did not have to talk me into buying. This is what I was looking for. Melvin asked for$1000 down to hold on the truck, I paid with interact.

Then I was sent up to financial services manger Holly Boos to figure out my financing for a loan. They would not take a trade for my 11 year old Kia, I work with North American we get a little of for buying a ford. (Which I did not see in the contract)We agreed upon things and she would get back to me. She phoned later that day saying she can get me financing at % 22.90.and told me the terms .The accountant contacted me to say the bank asked for $10,000 down. I got a bank chegue for $9,000(the difference). Again the Bank asked me for $10,000 dollars down not North Star Ford.

So we went to the process of getting the papers that I needed which was crazy two days worth, then other few days and driving me nuts,. It was like donating my first born child. The signing of the papers were being a little excited until I found out that a $ 35,940.54 truck is going to cost me $58.936.96. I was less excited and holly was a busy person and she rushed me in to signing without reading, I did read as much as my eyes could see. I could not get the ford package, disability, extended warranty, etc,.because of the bank which is a disappointment. The contract to me was crap.

I had to get the insurance and registration before getting possession of the truck as Holly said. And signing more papers.

A big personal problem had materialized and a hour later I reneged the contract by phone (answering machine). (I did not do this lightly) phoning all day and leaving messages was no luck. Until at least a manager phoned me, .Jeffery Watson. I was being civil and he started getting impolite since things where not going his way. Then he said he was keeping $ 5000 of my $10,000 because of my cancellation.

Emailing Marty Giles about this astonishment and then talking to Administration Dennine Giles who found it breathtaking that she could get me disability with another payment of forty dollars a month. I wanted out of the deal nothing more. She then explained that if I wanted my left over $5000.00. I would have to sign wavier for the other $5000.00. I had to go to work for 7 days where there is no time for communication until now. I have not had personal possession of the truck, I have no insurance and the bank asked me for $10,000 not north star ford. Subject to???????????????? 30-day due diligence" clause, which effectively gives the purchaser a 30-day buffer period before having to commit to the purchase.

The dealer is making enough money on everyone else and he is picking on me. Dealing with people like this loses my interest of the community altogether. I am not one of those rich people; my family depends on my earnings.

On Friday the feb.4,11. Jeffery Watson has given me a check for $7,000, and said the other $ 3,000(three thousand) was for administrative fees. He mentioned to me, he didn????????????????t have to give me nothing back. No matter what verbal agreement he made with me I took the $7,000. Chegue and they still owe me $3,000.

As of this date April 2nd, I have been sick and could not pursue this matter until now. I have not heard from north star ford. So I am sending this letter out to everyone I can see that will help me. I thank you for your help and support.

Marty Giles


tel: (780) 713-2839

[email protected]

Dennine Giles


tel: (780) 713-2846

[email protected]

Adeen Bunning

Vice President - Sales

tel: 7807132878

abunning@northstarfordlincoln. ca

Jeffrey Watson

New Vehicle Sales Manager

tel: (780) 713-2874

[email protected] a

You can contact me at [email protected]

Randy Healey

Cell phone: 780-742-4252

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8e49f3a6, 2011-07-31, 11:22PM CDT

Yes I agree Randy. Northstar Ford is just an awful company. I just bought a brand new lemon from there a month ago and they left me stranded for 1 week 2000km from home until I took matter into my own hands and rectified the situation myself costing me several thousand dollars. It will be my goal to make sure that this company gets the rep they deserve by going viral and making the complaints necessary. Good luck to you Randy.

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