Apple - Ipad 2 shipping nightmare

Posted on Sunday, April 3rd, 2011 at 2:38pm CDT by 89ec4b1a

Product: Ipad 2 32 gigabyte 3G

Company: Apple

Location: West Allis, WI, 53214, US


Category: Other

I am beyond upset with Apples failure to provide me with my product in a timely fashion and their unwillingness to find a solution to the issue. I ordered my ipad 2 online on March 14 with shipping 3-4 weeks. In actuality my Ipad will not be delivered for 5 weeks. I contacted Apple about this considering that I had just purchased a Macbook pro from them for over $2000.00 that arrived just over a week before. I told them that my local store was receiving shipments daily and that I could not stand in line for those due to work obligations. Being that I had Just dropped over $2K on a computer not to mention several other Apple products previously that they could arrange for me to pick up an Ipad at the store.

When I spoke with the supervisors I was made to feel as If I was not important to them because of their demand for the product. i kept telling Duane that I failed to understand the logic of identifying a solution for me to pick up the product at the store considering that i had already paid for it. Why couldn't he just reserve one for me? He then proceeded to tell me that the online and physical stores were separate operationally. As a consumer I could care less because as far as I am concerned Apple is Apple. i understand the high demand for the product and limited supply issues but at the same time I am beyond upset because of the lack of trying to find an option that would work. In addition I shared with him that my ipad is used for presentations all of the time and the my schedule is travel heavy. The dates that supposedly the Ipad will be arriving I will be out of town.

My point is that if they have product coming into the stores locally wy can't they provide the service for folks to pick it up? Second the fact that I have abeen a pretty loyal customer I felt that the guy should have worked harder to find an answer for me. Although he did give me a stupid free cover i felt that he could have not been condescending to me be and made me feel like I was not an important customer, not to forget the fact that he said that I had been upgraded to overnight shipping to avoid having to wait an additional week only to find out from the other supervisor that this was not true. Lastly he had given me his email address so tha I could check in on my order only to have him not ever respond to my inquiry.

Apple I feel let down by this bad service and I hope that someone will make something happen quick.


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