Weiss VW Amanzimtoti - Bought a damaged new vehicle with mileage on

Posted on Thursday, April 28th, 2011 at 3:45am CDT by 79cd70b9

Product: 2011 VW Amarok

Company: Weiss VW Amanzimtoti

Location: Kingsway Rd Amanzimtoti

URL: http://www.vw.co.za/

Category: Other

I placed an order for VW's Amarok in Dec 2010.Weiss VW Toti ensured me that they were doing their best to secure me a unit. as they were apparently very scarce.After more than 3 months of waiting i dropped by VW Umhlanga who confirmed they would be able to get me a new Amarok within 1 week.I went back to VW Toti who all of a suddent found new energy seeing that i now had a competitive quote from Umhlanga.They surprisingly found an Amarok for me which was on their floor in less than 2 weeks.The car first had to be cleaned as it was driven from Richardsbay VW 200km away.I then took note of several scratches and dirt marks inside the vehicle which i was told will be polished out.Then i found a stone chip and paint off the bumper little bit bigger than the size of a R2 coin. I then found out that this vehicle was actually driven from Joburg to the East Rand and then to Toti.VW repaired the bumper.I took delivery of the vehicle and found another area about the size of an A4 paper where a couple of panelbeaters confirmed that the vehicle was damaged and repaired. So now i am sitting with a new Amarok which has more than a 1000km on the clock(which i know of) and is damaged and repaired

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Robert Allyn L., 2011-04-28, 12:01PM CDT

So the dealer went out of his way to get you a car, transported it 1000 km at no extra charge, (drivers get paid, fuel costs money)

It has a poorly repaired minor dent and a couple rock chips.

The dent will have been caused by the original dealer.

I bet your selling dealer will repair it if you behave resectfully and understand he went above and beyond to try and make you happy.

Respect him and understand everything you complain about is because he tried to do more than he was required to do.

I think with this kind of approach and the understanding 1000 km is nothing to the life of the vehicle you will be much farther ahead.

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