Ananthapuri Hospitals - Why Patients are Attacking Doctors in India

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Dear sir,

Does any one know why doctors are being attacked in India by patients? I have heard several times about doctors being attacked by patients in my home town, Trivandrum. Last year, I saw the doctors associations doing hunger strike in front of the secretariat office at Trivandrum in India.

The doctors associations demand several issues to the state government such as increasing salary, good facilities and protection from patients. The Indian Medical Association is the main group of doctors in India . The IMA always demand the government for doctors protection from patients, but the IMA does not know about the criminal doctors that are in their association. I am not saying everyone, however, I believe 95% of doctors are very good in the IMA. There are also bad and criminal doctors are in IMA. Such doctors are very rare so it is very hard to find them. The criminal doctors would make IMAs name worse in the world.

Last year I underwent a treatment after came from Australia between June 2010 and October 2010 at Ananthapuri Hospital at Trivandrum in India. I was receiving treatment from Dr. S. Jayaram. The first day of consultation, I paid RS 275 at reception. Dr S Jayaram scared me and did not prescribe any medicine for me. At the time I was experiencing anxiety and back pain. Dr S Jayaram told me to return the next day for counseling. That whole night I did not get sleep and I cried. The next day I paid him RS 1200, for psychological support RS 600 relaxation therapy RS 500 and RS 100 to take file.

My symptom was minor but Dr S Jayarams plan was to record my story and experience from Australia. Dr. S. Jayaram asked me several questions regarding what had happened in Australia. All such questions were unnecessary. This was not a part of the treatment. He wanted to know everything and he recorded my conversation. I did not tell him anything particular that happened in Australia. Dr. S. Jayaram had a different objective and I do not know who he works for, whether Ananthapuri Hospital or Australian Spy.

During the counseling he asked me about my past history since my birth and he wrote in a book and his assistant, an ayurveda psychologist, wrote in a hospital file. When I was asleep after relaxation therapy, he searched my hand book and cell phone. In the book, I had written my net banking log on (ANZ BANK) and email details. Now I need Yahoo and Google help to check my email address to know who logged onto my email from June 2010 to October 2010.

The Australian spy people was behind me after I left Australia since April 2010. My house is close to Ananthapuri hospital. Dr S Jayarams plan is to prevent my case in the court when I file against Australian immigration department. I have several issues with Australian immigration department.

The end of the treatment day on October 12, 2010, I came back to ask a question, at the time I heard his conversation with his assistant, an ayurvada psychologist . He was using obscene language in reference to my parents and me. I heard him talking about what happened to me in Australia. He knew everything that happened in Australia. I do not know how he knows such information. I think he probably works for Australians. He saw me when he opened the door, he was shock at that time and he thought I would beat him.

I did not say anything or beat him. If I beat him, the doctors associations may file a case against me and the association may hunger strike in front of secretariat office at Trivandrum in India. The Indian Medical Association and the Indian Psychiatrist Society - south zone are aware of this scam. What do doctors think about themselves? Do they think they can do anything against patients and be in an association so they would protect them?

Dr. S. Jayaram is a member of the Indian Medical Association, Chathannur President (Kollam), and past president of Indian Psychiatric Society-South Zone. I strongly believe Dr. S. Jayaram did MBBS and DPM only to make money and not to serve others.

Ananthapuri Hospital is a centralized air conditioned building. However, the air condition was never switched on during the period June 2010 to October 2010. I noticed that they have air handling unit, supply air as well as return air diffuser in the reception, basement and all the area where patients are sitting to meet doctors. I complained many times to the public relation manager and staff who became angry at me.

I also noticed that all the Doctors rooms are fully cool and the air condition always switched on.

There is no ventilation or fresh air in this waiting area because there are no windows. The security guard in the main door of the hospital always closed the door when we get in or out. In front of the reception, relatives of patients are waiting long time. A fan was placed there.

Fan does not give ventilation or fresh air. For ventilation, they should run air conditioner. When I complained to the staff, they told me to give a written complaint to Dr Marthanda pillai.

Ananthapuri Hospital always charge large amount of money from patients example RS 1200, for meeting a Psychiatrist for just 20 minutes. Ananthapuri Hospital should give priority for patients and not to doctors. Patients are paying thats why they running business otherwise they will shut the business.

Ananthapuri Hospital should respect NRIs. Non Resident Indians contribution is high in the Indian economy. Some of our people left India, which is why unemployment rate came down in India and we went abroad not only to make money, but also to help others.

Whoever plans on going to Ananthapuri hospital be vary careful. They cheated me and took my money. I paid total RS 20000 to 25000.

Ananthapuri hospital patient card no 106175

Kind Regards,



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