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Posted on Tuesday, April 26th, 2011 at 9:32am CDT by df6c0349

Product: 2 types of information. People searching for you and you being able to search for someone.


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After realizing my billing was wrong, I planned on paying $11.99 for 1 month, which I thought included you looking up people and people searching for you. Turns out, the 4-9 people who are looking for you are real people, they just inform me that these people know me and want to get back in touch. When really, the just pick anybody (other subscribers)and use their info into fooling you by thinking these strangers are interested in you. It's all a hoax. They mislead you buy saying for $12 a month you can find out who is looking for you and also do your own searches. The ugly truth is, at least for me, the 4 people who were looking for me where made up and 2 were the same person. So I was told I had 4 possible long lost relatives, friends from college, etc... looking for me. My sad story is we tried to foster adopt a lil girl back in 2001. She eventually went back to her drug addicted father. He granted visitation for awhile. But then he told us he was going to start charging us visitation fee's. My husband and he had words. That was 6 yrs ago, and I haven't seen my baby girl since. I thought maybe this was her, my little girl trying to get in contact with me. But no, it was 3 made up people and the one was listed twice. I thought was only had to pay $12.00 for be found and to look for people a month! They don't tell you until after you're charged $12/month for a year to be found and $12/month to do your own searching. Total rip off. When I called to have it corrected, they were closed. Me, having cancer, put my sleep time on the fritz. So when I realized I was over charged it was 1:30am EST. I was unable to get in touch with anyone until the opened at 9am. Well I spoke with an agent named Lori and at first she said all she could do was cancel the monthly billings but I was still going to have to pay $24.00 for the next month for their 2 services. One was to be found and the other was to find people. But the do not guarantee the information on the people you will look up will be accurate. No guarantee's! I did want either of their rip off services and was told since I didn't do things during their hours of operation, I am stuck paying for 1 month. I told Lori she is crazy, I am fighting cancer soI don't sleep normal hours if I can sleep at all with my pain being so strong. After much debate is agreed to refund me fully, letting me know what a big favor she was doing me. I thanked her and told her she is lucky I am not going to sue. Because my attorney said I could of had a hell of a case. As your company is basically selling untruthful information up and down. Since there is no guarantee the info they pass on to you has to be truthful they are basically selling lies to vulnerable people in trying times. Not a company with any kind of morals in my opinion.

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Sharon Robinson

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Thursday, February 2, 2012 2:41 PM

I did not give MyLife authorization to touch funds in my Savings account. I used a debit that is attached to my checking account only. I am very upset about this incident. Your statement said that I would not be charged more than the $1.95 that I thought I was paying for the results of a search. I was charge two times...for WHO'S SEARCHING FOR YOU AND FOR SEARCHING FOR FRIENDS. THIS ADDED UP TO OVER $200.00. I am asking that you put my monies back in my account. I am disabled and on a fixed income. Because of your deceitful practices, I cannot pay my bills (including my rent) or get my medicine. I will not accept this as is. I will file a lawsuit if this problem is not handled to my satisfaction immediately. I assure you that a lawsuit will cost you more that the funds that were fraudulently removed from my account.

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