Posted on Tuesday, April 26th, 2011 at 8:31am CDT by df6c0349

Product: Baqckground report

Company: Intelius

Location: P.O Box 808 Bothell,WA 98741
Bothell, WA, 98741, US

URL: /

Category: Other

I was only to be charged $1.99 for basic information in trying to find my daughter. Instead, I got charged an additional 3 more times for things that should have been covered in the initial purchase. To make matters worse, the phone numbers were incorrect, as well as the addresses. And when you would push the button to get the latest phone number, it would bump you back out and charge you again for another search. So, I was charged multiple times for bad information. Oh yes, none of the information I received was accurate! Then they claimed I had audacity to complain about getting charged for services I never received, and what little info I did get was all false. The manager told me on the phone that they do not guarantee the information's accuracy! So if I am to understand this, your company can make up phony information about people and sell it to Mom's like me who are trying to find their missing children. I honestly feel I need to take this to the BBB or at the very least start a law to keep people from getting riped off by the imorales of your company.


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