BOTTLESS - DECEIVED by Mark Badal out of $400.00

Posted on Tuesday, April 26th, 2011 at 2:14pm CDT by be8eb27b

Product: Spirit tumblers


Location: 4226 6th Avenue South
Seattle, Wa, 98109, US


Category: Other

I liked the Starbucks drink tumblers and learned the manufacturer was on-line. Placed a $400. order 2-1-10 as a July family reunion gift. BOTTLESS required I BANK WIRE the money to guarantee completion of such a "small" order.

No refund, no product to date. Filed complaint with Oregon Better Business Bureau 10-23-10. BOTTLESS rudely responded 11/16/10 "makes me again want to avoid working with small orders and continue working with major retailers rather than small family reunions who do not understand the concept of preordering for the next season or how we work."

Seriously? Almost 9 months after ordering and missing the July event, I don't understand the concept? And yes, it gets even better! 12-3-10 BOTTLESS states in BBB report:

She "will recieve the product that she ordered rather than a refund. If we refunded every preorder that we receive we would never be able to provide new product."

And yet again, 3-14-11 "The products that she ordered are on back order from our supplier so she has been refunded and we no longer offer this product as it is a supply issue from our supplier. Thank You"

Not true! No refund received, my patience expired, BOTTLESS now sells "Custom Bottles & Growlers" and BBB report states: "04/19/2011 Case Closed UNRESOLVED "

This is unacceptable! This place needs to be put out of business before anyone else is raped.


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3bb74642, 2011-07-14, 09:01AM CDT

Case Closed Resolved

Jean was refunded by Bottless because she is not a business and Bottless only sells to Businesses. When Bottless was marketing the Spirit Tumbler Cup there were to many requests for this product form the genral public which Bottless does not work with. All future compalints can be emailed directly to Bottless at [email protected]

749d90de, 2011-09-12, 05:25PM CDT

It sounds like Bottless has made the right decision in keeping its future transaction as B2B only. However, it seems to me that they are at fault in the above case and whine to consumers for being consumers instead of taking responsibility for their own decision to have allowed end users to order their product (or someone's product through them as an agent) to begin with. When it comes down to attitude; the end user (or the complainant, here) has the right attitude (other than their trivializing of the term "raped," which I find extremely distasteful); and Bottless acts like a spoiled child wearing a corporate hat. To paraphrase with great liberty, "We can't handle the diversity necessary to deal with businesses and end users, so we hate dealing with end users because they have different expectations than our staff is prepared to meet." The more appropriate response would've been more along the lines of, "We're awfully sorry for the mix-up and we it was our mistake. The preorder placed was for a product not due to release until ___, and we apparently did not make expected delivery clear enough when you made your order. Further, their were troubles within our distribution lines which we are actively improving upon, but we will not be able to deliver your order. Please accept a full refund for your order, and we again apologize for this unfortunate incident."

jeremy e., 2013-10-11, 10:17PM CDT

This company got me this for $1600. Received to checks for refunds and they both bounced.

S. F., 2014-11-28, 03:00PM CST

"This is unacceptable! This place needs to be put out of business before anyone else is raped."


Man arrested after alleged rape of St. Helena woman

Napa Valley Register-Nov 24, 2014

Mark Anthony Badal was booked on one count of rape of an intoxicated victim and two counts of forcible penetration with an unconscious victim ...

ST. HELENA ? A 41-year-old transient was arrested Sunday for the alleged rape of a St. Helena woman.

Mark Anthony Badal was booked on one count of rape of an intoxicated victim and two counts of forcible penetration with an unconscious victim.

Badal met the alleged victim?s boyfriend for the first time on Saturday afternoon in St. Helena, said Officer Steve Peterson of the St. Helena Police Department. When the alleged victim got off work, her boyfriend invited her to join him and Badal at a local bar, Peterson said.

After the three had dinner and drinks together, the boyfriend agreed to let Badal sleep at his house in St. Helena, where the boyfriend?s teenage son was also staying, Peterson said.

Later, as the girlfriend was sleeping intoxicated on a chair, she felt someone penetrating and kissing her, Peterson said. When she realized it allegedly was Badal and not her boyfriend, she pushed him away and moved into a bedroom where her boyfriend?s son was sleeping, Peterson said. Badal allegedly followed her and penetrated her again, after which she got up and tried to wake up her boyfriend, who didn?t respond, Peterson said.

The alleged victim then went home, and she and her boyfriend reported the incident to police on Sunday morning. Calistoga police detained Badal at a friend?s house in Calistoga. St. Helena police brought him to St. Helena for questioning and subsequently arrested him.

On Monday, Badal remained in custody at the Napa County jail.

5edfa643, 2015-02-02, 02:18PM CST

FYI.. This guy changed his business name to Glass And Growlers and is now based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Obviously he has received so many complaints that he had to change his name and place of business (also due to his rape allegations in Napa). This guy is a freak and a rapist. Google him. Mark Anthony Badal. He has moved the business at least 3 times if not more. I wouldn't ever do business with these people.

85fab0ce, 2015-02-03, 03:27AM CST

I had the unfortunate experience of doing some work for this guy. Should have went with my gut feeling and stayed away. You wouldn't believe the the constant stream of voice mails and emails I got for him that were people trying to get their money back, threats of lawsuits, etc. ...well, on second thought, you probably could believe that! I guess I got lucky and he only owes me several hundred dollars and not thousands. After months of "I'll pay you tomorrow, don't sweat it" or "I'm just waiting for this order to go through then you'll get paid" etc. I said screw it, I'm done with this scum bag.

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