Clays Radio SHop - CB Radio Rip Off

Posted on Monday, April 25th, 2011 at 9:44pm CDT by 017bd8d1

Product: RCI 6900F25

Company: Clays Radio SHop

Location: 402 Palo Pinto Street


Category: Appliances, Equipment, Tools

I ordered a radio from this company, which obviously does not update their pages. The radio had been discontinued for years. They called and offered me a refund, or a radio that was supposedly better than the one I ordered. A refurbished radio! Clay Thompson assured me that this radio was clean and in great condition. I have all correspondence from him. I agreed to try out the radio. Once I received the radio and opened it, I realized the radio was very used and not as clean as he said. Then we plugged in it and found that it doesn't even work properly. The company states that they do not offer refunds, but they did offer me a full refund because they made an error and had a item on their webpage that doesn't even exist anymore. I was then contact my a very rude woman named, Misty, who felt the need to tell me calm down before I contact the company. I am furious that a company would mislead a customer and tell then that they are sending them a product that is better than what they ordered and then send the customer a broken radio. I spent over $400. I expect a full refund and am going to contact an attorney to get all of my money back. The supposed customer service person Misty, gives me a Return Authorization number and then forgets that she did so and tells me that if I return anything without an RA# they would refuse my order. Luckily, I kept all emails from the company and forwarded her email back to her. I guess she needed to be reminded that she had just spoken to me and have me the number I needed. It seems the people in this company have some sort of memory loss. I can't imagine that in this day and age, a company would have such terrible customer service and treat a person this way!!!

And if they do not give refunds as they are stating, then why would Clay Thompson have offered me one, when he apologized that they had falsely advertised a radio that had been discontinued for YEARS!!!


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5ccbac15, 2011-04-28, 12:18PM CDT

To whom it may concern,

I will admit that we overlooked deleting a page that was outdated. Once we realized this I contacted the customer, explained the situation and offered canceling the order or substituting a more expensive model that was clean and under our in house warranty for six months. This offer was made to simply save face. We discounted this radio by about $150.00 in order to satisfy our customer.

Shortly after receiving the purchase the customer called with a problem. We issued an RA number with no problem in order to inspect the radio. The customer then emailed us with a demand that was outside of our policy. We replied explaining that we could not make a cash refund at this point but would warrant the radio or would offer a new replacement. We offered applying 100% of the customers money towards a radio of their choice.

The customer replied asking for a list of available Ranger radios. We put together a list of radios with current pricing and then received a very rude email stating that they did not want another radio. The reply was as if they did not remember asking for information on Ranger radios. Then our customer starting sending one email after another as if experiencing a manic episode. At no time were we rude or unprofessional.

We then sent an email reply, pasted our policy concerning returns and included a link for the entire company policy for the customers inspection. All customers are required to read and accept our company policy before purchasing from our site. This gives the customer and High Tech Mobile Communications LLC legal rights to remedy the situation. This customer agreed to our policy prior to placing the order. I am including the link to to company policy page the customer was directed to for inspection before placing the order.

Sincerely, Clay Thompson

efa3a97d, 2013-09-08, 06:22PM CDT

I had a similar experience as the above comment. I sent a Connex CX 566SB CB radio to Clay's Radio Shop for repairs. I wrapped the radio carefully in thich layers of new bubble wrap and placed the radio in a nice box. The address on the website was outdated and didn't say the shop had moved so the radio sat at the post office for several weeks. This was in early May finally by August the radio found it's way to the new shop.

When I received the radio in late August it was sent in a small box packed in filthy newspaper shavings that left dust inside the radio.

The repair report said, " troubleshot the circuit and found broke trace." After blowing out all the paper dust I plugged the radio in after a few transmissions the signal was distorted and the radio became very hot. The radio worked worse then before I sent it to Clay's. I'm very disapointed and have gotten rid of the radio.

b9bb483a, 2014-03-19, 06:24PM CDT

Sent a radio to them and it was received Jan 27th. They told me 2 weeks. Called end of February they told me they hadn't started on it and it was still in receiving. I called last week,got voice mail and left message stating that I wanted radio back fixed or not.They had it long enough. I called today,March 19th, both sales and service, voice mail was full and could not accept any more messages. Did they close up and take my property?

6f1b3aa5, 2014-07-01, 03:13PM CDT

I bought a radio from Clays and purchased their high watt and tune modifications for an additional $60.00. Total cost $310.00. After plugging in the radio and trying it out, the recieve quit working after 1 hour of use. Clay's told me to send it to Ranger for repair and Clay helped me contact them because Ranger's repair center never picks up the phone or returns calls. Ranger told me the problem was the carrier was set to high from Clays. When I told Clay what Ranger said I was told by Clay that Ranger does not like it when they Mod their Radios. So here I sit with a new radio I over paid for. I am dissapointed with Clay's and Ranger and will chose to buy from a different shop next time and it wont be a Ranger. Their Customer Service is sub par.

617cbc73, 2014-09-07, 08:55PM CDT

Thank you very much, I will look some where else for my new cb

bcfc2c4d, 2014-11-02, 08:17AM CST

Do not patronize this business. Poor communication, even poorer service. Does not live up to what they say they will do. Does not care about customer after they get your money.

053c7b9d, 2015-04-22, 02:55PM CDT

I read all these poor reports about Clays and just had to enter my 2 cents worth. I have done business with these people for over 10 years and never had and issue at all even when my requests where above and beyond their responsibility. They have always been honest and upright with their cealings with me and went way out of their way to help me over the phone when my issues where because of my ignorance or thier misunderstanding of my requests. I would recomend them to anyone who needs 10meter or CB service done. To me they are one in a million in service!

Thanks Clay keep up the good work!

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