EZParkNPet - Airport Off-Site Parking Bogus Add-On Fees

Posted on Monday, April 25th, 2011 at 10:53pm CDT by f0afc1eb

Product: Airport Off-Site Parking

Company: EZParkNPet

Location: 7652 Narcoossee Rd
Orlando, Fl, 32822, US

URL: http://parkNPet.com/

Category: Other

Checked website and called to verify prices. $3.99 per day. I specifically asked about add-on charges. They mentioned taxes. I called back today and got the same quote.

EZParkNPet added extra charges to the bill -- Airport Fee and Airport Dwell Time Fee. That raised the bill 35%.

I only parked the car on their lot; they did not take me to the airport on their shuttle.

They refused to remove the bogus charge.

Do not trust EZParkNPet.


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