Hotwire - Hotwire -- unauthorized contract and charge. Poor customer service.

Posted on Saturday, April 23rd, 2011 at 11:11pm CDT by 3f648fb0

Product: Hotwire

Company: Hotwire

Location: IA, US


Category: Other

This evening I began looking for a hotel for a team trip. I needed 4 rooms. I put in all the information and entered my credit card information, however I never hit "continue" to confirm the transaction. However, I did click on the button to show the additional hotel amenities. During this time I was also making calls to other hotels. Suddenly the screen from HOTWIRE went to a refreshing mode and suddenly showed that I had confirmed the trip. Since I had not hit continue, I immediately called in. They said that they were showing that I had confirmed the charge. I went through, in detail, what I had done and what I had not done. They kept telling me I was subject to the terms of agreement, I kept telling them "I DID NOT COMPLETE THE AGREEMENT". Bottom line, the page refreshed before I had completed the process and HOTWIRE shows that I had completed the process to enter the contract. I asked to speak with a supervisor, who called me about 45 minutes later. They rehashed the same line I was told earlier. I continued to say that I never moved beyond that page, but that their system automatically confirmed me, he kept telling me I was subject to the contract.

To my understanding, they will not look at the server logs to confirm that I hit "continue" without legal action. I am thinking I will now make it a hobby to put my complaint out there. I am not satisfied with their service, nor their process.

Hotwire, if you read this, and if you will in good faith, attempt to resolve this issue, I will remove this post.


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