Restaurants Unlimited - Bartender Targets & Corporation Doesn't Care

Posted on Saturday, April 23rd, 2011 at 12:47pm CDT by a8424b51

Company: Restaurants Unlimited

Location: 1818 N. Northlake Way
Seattle, WA, 98103, US


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The date this happened to me is approximated. It happened early in the year 2007, at one of the corporation's restaurants, Scotts Bar and Grill, where I frequented regularly because I was just trying to get back into living single after 16 years of marriage and then caring for a sick friend for three more years. I knew friends who went to this bar, and they were friends with the head bartender. Through them I got to know this man, and it seemed to me I could trust him as a confidant. He told me several times we were friends. Then one night he convinced me to stay after closing to try smoking a cigar--this was after I had told him I hadn't smoked one before. After the bar was closed and everyone else had left he gave me yaeger shots on the house and started pressuring me to do an act I didn't feel right about doing. I rejected the idea because I liked his wife, and I feared it would hurt this friendship I thought I had with this man that I valued. He gave me more shots, and made me feel like he had been there for me as a friend, this was my chance to be there for him at a time he felt neglected and unappreciated, when his wife was on disability for her wrists. I feel now like I was robbed of my better judgment. I have taken the MAST class and they said the first thing to go when someone drinks is their judgment. This man was head bartender and he knew this. In fact he himself told me this when he'd limit how much I could drink. But on this night he didn't see anything wrong with giving me those shots after I had already reached my limit, and he continued to push this thing, and make me feel like it was a way I could be a good friend. Long story short I did this thing, and the next morning when I woke, sober, I immediately felt regret and fear and guilt and all these things--but mostly worry that I had lost this friendship. I went to his restaurant--and over the following weeks some days he'd be like his old self, other days he seemed very strange. It had me worried, but I couldn't talk to him at that crowded bar about it because I didn't want this to threaten his marriage or reputation. So I left him notes asking him to help me understand what had happened, and what it meant for our friendship. He never said anything to me about receiving the notes, nor did he ever once ask me not to write him. After awhile the notes slowed to a trickle--I started realizing I had to work this thing out on my own. But in the meantime the environment at this bar was becoming increasingly hostile toward me. I was getting snide remarks from the bartender staff, other staff, glares or strange looks from other staff, and from other customers at that bar. In general over the next three years I was made to feel very uncomfortable and unwelcome. The bartender also made it so I could only have wine or beer--he put me on restriction so I would never get drunk in his bar. I was suffering a growing anxiety condition because of this and this also aggravated a physical problem I had that ended up requiring me to have surgery. I found out in June last year this man had been giving all my notes to his management behind my back, to get them to think I was after him, when he'd gone after me, and this was to turn the restaurant against me and make it so hostile there I'd not want to go anymore. When that didn't work the management finally came to me and gave me rules only I had to follow, and then when I broke one of them because I didn't understand it and then asked for clarification so I wouldn't break it again, they 86ed me. It was then that I figured it out, what this bartender did, how he had pretended friendship with a lonely depressed woman to get her trust, and then get her to stay late, intoxicate her at his bar after hours, and harass her. I tried repeatedly to complain to the restaurant Scotts Bar and Grill, and to the corporation Restaurants Unlimited. I did not get so much as an apology for what was done to me in what should have been an establishment safe to the public. I went there like everyone else, hoping for a little fun, to be around fun people, to forget about my troubles, and this man took advantage of my emotional exhaustion at that time. The corporation hasn't cared about what happened to me at all. The man still works there as head bartender. no one has apologized. I feel I was emotionally abused by this restaurant for several years as they assumed behind my back this thing was true, treated me like I was this thing they thought, and never let me understand why I was being treated the way I was, or that they had any problem with me. If anyone had just once come to me to ask me why I wrote notes, or why because of my growing anxiety and the claustrophobia it caused I was wanting to sit by the window, I would have explained, but instead they wanted to assume this thing, assume I was what they thought, and treat me accordingly, so that I became more or less a total outcast at this bar--without ever knowing why.

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5d7f2370, 2011-04-27, 01:57AM CDT

You got drunk and did something stupid, and people talked behind your back, yep totally the company's fault. Sorority girls everywhere now have someone to blame.

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