My Auto License AaronGoetzinger - Unauthorized and Fraudulent Charges

Posted on Friday, April 22nd, 2011 at 12:52pm CDT by eca12d16

Product: Dealer License

Company: My Auto License AaronGoetzinger

Location: 116 Hwy 99 Suite 222
Eugene, OR, 97402, US


Category: Other

I signed up with MyAutoLicense at after speaking with the owner Aaron Goetzinger. I had contacted him at 541.357.9840 and his cell 541.602.1012 about using his services for renting an auto dealer license plate. I also emailed him several times at [email protected] just to make sure everything was on the up and up. His ??supposed?? office is located at 116 Hwy 99 Suite 222 in Eugene, OR 97402. All I can say about him and his company is that it is a scam and he is a con artist. Be VERY careful in dealing with this guy. I made the mistake of signing a contract with him on 02/22/11 for a monthly dealer license plate rental. I later found out that what he does is illegal after talking with the state and it could lead to my arrest. I started to get suspicious after I received the plate and the paperwork and it was very specific on what it said I should tell local police officers if I was ever pulled over. Basically Aaron Goetzinger at told me I should lie which could lead to contempt of court and a felony. On 02/22/11 Aaron Goetzinger charged my credit card $724.00 through his fraudulent shell corporation AJG Auto sales. Something should have tipped me off when my emails I received from him were from [email protected], not using his website domain. After I read the paperwork and was told I should fraudulently present myself to police I decided I no longer wanted to do business with this scam artist. My original charge to my credit card was for a setup fee, and first and last month??s dues. I contact him before my next charge and said I wanted to cancel the program because it was illegal. I sent him several emails, left messages every day for weeks, sent text messages. He ignored all of my attempts at contact and charged my credit card again the following month. Finally yesterday I received an email that he is canceling my automatic debits but that I can??t receive any refunds because I didn??t give him 30 days?? notice to cancel. And no-where on the contract did it state I needed to give any notice paid out over $1000.00 for a program I couldn??t even use!!! This company and this owner are terrible. The owner sounds like a 13 year old kid and his business practices are the same. Do yourself a favor and stay far far away from this con artist, Aaron Goetzinger. It??s not worth having a felony on your record which will get you if you are ever pulled over.


bb0aa0a5, 2011-04-22, 02:46PM CDT

I have been with for years now. I decided to google them to see what came up and, much to my surprise, this did. I know Aaron personally and he does own a dealership. That is how he got here. He climbed his way up. I have a lot of respect for the man. The contract is clear. I have never heard of an arrest. I would be interested to hear how that happened. Anyway, I would highly recommend my auto

36fef708, 2013-10-27, 06:08PM CDT

Aaron runs a great business that I personally make a good living threw. Glad you didn't have what it takes to sell cars. Less competition.

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