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Product: usamurphybeds

Company: USAMurphyBeds

Location: 4625 N Manhattan Ave Ste E
Tampa, Fl, 33614-6959, US


Category: Other

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Filed on : April 22 2011

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USA Murphy Beds

4625 N Manhattan Ave Ste E

Tampa FL 33614-6959

Complaint Description:

I placed an order on February 19,2011. Joe Mole took my order A Framed Flat Panel ( Unfinished Oak) $1,399.00) by phone.I paid $1399.00 with my CreditCard. A week later I called my credit card company and the $1399 was already charged against my card. So, I assumed my order was enroute for delivery. On March 18, 2011 (almost a month since my order) I emailed Joe to check on my order. Jimmy Benwell of usamurphybeds replied saying that they are waiting on some parts. On April 6, 2011 the bed arrived but it was Incomplete. The legs for the bed were missing. Without the legs. it is Not Usable. Every week I would email Joe and Jimmy to see when the legs will be sent out and when they do respond they would say that it shoild be here tomorrow and will send it out. It has been well Over Two Months Since I placed My Order and I Still Do Not Have a Usable Bed. Today is Aprill 22nd 2011 and I am STILL WAITING!! If this was Your Order What would You Do?

Your Desired Resolution:

Refund the full $1399 or ship the legs kit with a " Next Day" Shipping

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May 5th 2011 Update:

I have almost assembled together the bed. A couple of the panels were mis-labeled so I had to disassemble the front panels and reassemble it. Also, there was a nylon washer super-glued to a metal washer. It was an important part that someone thought it would be funny when I tried to assemble this part. I was able to unstick it by placing it in boiling water for several minutes. I called Joe on April 29th to complain that the bar that attaches to both legs was not delivered with the legs. He assured me that I should receive it by May 2nd 2011. I'm Still waiting..... Unbelievable!

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22a9a249, 2012-01-17, 11:10PM CST

This order has been resolved but I would definitely buy elsewhere next time.

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