Posted on Friday, April 22nd, 2011 at 12:38pm CDT by c0a83180

Product: Refrigerator, beds, washer/dryer

Company: Sears

Location: Ca, US


Category: Other

I purchased several appliances for a second vacation home in northern California (I live in southern California). Hence I needed to arrange delivery for those times when I would be in my vacation home. Upshot: After 5 delivery attempts across 2 months, I still do not have all my merchandise.

1) First Sears delivered items in a large truck unable to go down the narrow lane of my new house. Fine, not their fault (but they did tell me I should have told them they needed a small truck - like I would know the size of their trucks).

2) Rescheduled delivery: Wrong refrigerator (I ordered one with an ice maker and got one without an icemaker. The irony is that originally I wanted one without an ice maker but the sales rep told me they didn't come that way!) Got a high profile box springs instead of low profile. Washer and dryer arrived as expected. Delivery guys were great, by the way. Very professional.

Had to leave my vacation home to come back to work in southern Calif.

3) Rescheduled new delivery after buying plane ticket and rental car - delivery cancelled by Sears the day I was expecting them to arrive.

4) Rescheduled new delivery - they arrived in a large truck and had to turn around. And I had reminded them they would need a small truck!

5) Rescheduled for next day. Did not show up.

6) Rescheduled for next day. Showed up with only correct Fridge to replace the one I had received over a month before that was incorrect. Did not have low profile box springs or new bed I had ordered. Delivery guy (same as last time) told me the box springs were filthy and he wouldn't deliver it. I so appreciate him for doing that. I did get a call later from Sears asking me if I would like the dirty box springs and I could clean it up myself. Of course I said no.

6) Informed that my new bed and box springs was scheduled to arrive in three days. But I had previously said I would not be at that address then. In fact, I bought a round trip ticket and rented a car to be at my vacation home for the sole purpose of receiving my Sears items. Now I have to wait another month when I have time to go back up to get my products.

So I'm still waiting... and it's been two months now, going on three.

The worst part of Sears is that you can't really talk to anyone who knows anything. THeir 800 number gives you service representatives in Panama. I don't have a problem with that (I'm not xenophobic) but I do have a problem with the fact that these reps do not have the power or knowledge to solve problems. They cannot give me a manager, other than their direct supervisor. If I want to know how to reach the warehouse directly, they can't give that information. And they know nothing. They give me wrong information all the time. They seem to be paid to thwart calls rather than to solve problems. Sears has so many branches and divisions that do not talk with one another; there is no communication. I have spent HOURS on the phone on hold trying to resolve my problems.

Why do I have to keep calling Sears to re-schedule only to get routed to Panama and placed on hold? You would think that after this long period of problems someone would call ME, apologize, and solve it.

Instead, Sears is leaving me automated messages every day to call their 800 number. Why should the burden be on me at this point? I've lost enough time to this process and do not get paid by Sears to sit on the phone on hold. I will not subsidize their labor costs with my own labor! Sears can call me. I'm done with it all.

Meanwhile, I let my credit card company know that the merchandise I purchased has not been delivered as planned and they should hold payment. Let my credit card company contact Sears, with my complaint, so I don't have to.

That, by the way, is a good way to handle these sort of problems because if Credit card companies get enough complaints, they can withdraw services from a merchant.

The manager at my local Sears has been great. I feel sorry for him that he works so hard and professionally but has no back up from Sears. He's as frustrated as I am. I think he needs to look for another job - he's too good for Sears.

It is not only Sears merchandise and delivery that I have had a problem with during this time. I also had Sears Home repair scheduled to come out last week to my vacation home through my home warranty service. The repair person was scheduled to arrive between 1-5. At 4 p.m., I got a call stating they would be late. I asked if the repair guy would definitely not arrive til after 5 in which case I could run out to the pharmacy as my husband was sick. They told me he might arrive before 5 so wait. I did. I waited and waited. I called back at 6 p.m. and was told he was on his way. He never arrived that day, and no one ever called me to inform me he would not be arriving. And the pharmacy was closed.

My stove still does not work! That, too, will have to wait til I'm back up at my vacation home.

Sears used to be a dependable store for appliances. Not anymore. I won't be able to use them in the future because they have cost me so much time -- many, many work hours lost waiting for them, as well as wasted travel expenses to receive my property and have my stove repaired.

My mother-in-law in Arkansas stopped shopping at Sears after a refrigerator delivery when her wallet was stolen! So while our delivery guys were great (out of Sacramento) there is great variation in the kind of subcontractors Sears hires.


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