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Posted on Friday, April 22nd, 2011 at 7:04pm CDT by 0ef9d0fe

Product: Moving Service

Company: J.M. Movers, LLC

Location: 11115 Lake Avenue, Suite 411
Cleveland, Oh, 44102, US

URL: http://jmmovers.com/

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My girlfriend and I recently had issues with a moving company called J.M. Movers, LLC on April 18, 2011 when we were moving into our new home. Craig Boothe from J.M. Movers verbally agreed to my girlfriend that we would only be charged $270 for a move that was estimated for 4 hours and he said that he would not charge us for any hours longer than this. At the end of the move, it took the movers about 7 hours to complete and Craig tried to pressure us for about $50 more even though we had a verbal agreement with him to be charged $270. Below I will explain the entire situation.

My girlfriend and I scheduled J.M. Movers, LLC to move 1 King Size bed with mattresses, 1 Queen Size bed with mattresses, 1 long dresser with 2 mirrors attached, 1 long dresser with 1 mirror attached, 2 tall dressers, 3 night stands, a dining room table, 3 chairs, 1 china cabinet, and 1 microwave stand on a trip for 7.30 miles to our new house in morning on April 18, 2011. Both my mom and I took off work so that we could start to unpack and put things away that day.

Neither My girlfriend nor I heard anything from J.M. Movers, LLC on April 17, 2011 to make sure everything was alright for moving the next day. The next morning, we did not see or hear anything from J.M. Movers, LLC. My girlfriend called Craig Boothe from J.M. Movers, LLC around 10:30 because the movers did not arrive yet. We received no response from Craig during this first phone call, so next we called Kristi, who was listed as the other number that was on the business card. When we spoke with her, she had no idea about the scheduled move we had with J.M. Movers and she herself could not get a hold of Craig. Kristi called me back around 12:00 and said she had no news about what was going on, but she would try to schedule movers for us for that afternoon or the morning of April 19, 2011. We did not hear from anyone from J.M. Movers, LLC for the rest of the day.

On the morning of April 19, 2011 we tried to call Craig Boothe to see what was going on. We were finally able to get a hold of Craig Boothe at about 10:00 and he stated that the reason that the movers did not arrive the previous day was because he was in a bad accident. Craig said that he would try to get movers to help us in the afternoon on April 19, 2011 at around 3:00pm. Also, we asked Craig Boothe to see if he would provide a discount to us since the movers never showed up. Craig Boothe agreed verbally at this point take 10% off the initial bill for the 4 hours.

After looking at what we wanted to be transported to the new house, the movers believed that the move would take about 4 hours with the amount of furniture that we had. The movers started working at 3:10pm on the afternoon of April 19, 2011. Soon after they started, the movers informed us that Craig Boothe never provided them with any tools to take the beds, china cabinet, or mirrors apart. The movers asked us if we had any tools that we could use for them to take apart the furniture, but we had already moved them to the new house. We called Craig again and complained that the workers were unprepared and could not move some of the bigger furniture without tools. Craig Boothe verbally agreed at this point that if one of us left to get some tools, he would deduct the time the movers had to wait for us to pick up the tools. At this point, we agreed and my girlfriend left for my mom???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????s house which is 6.56 miles away.

The movers decided to load other furniture into the truck since they did not have any tools to take apart the beds, china cabinet, or mirrors. Once my girlfriend returned with the necessary tools, only the 2 bed frames, 1 King Mattress, 1 Queen Mattress, 2 long dressers, and the china cabinet were not loaded on the truck. But, since the movers did not have the proper tools to take the furniture apart, they were unable to load everything into the truck to make the trip in one load. 3 mirrors, 1 King Mattress, 1 Queen Mattress, and 2 bed frames would not fit on the truck. The movers both stated that had they been provided the necessary tools by Craig, they probably could have loaded the truck efficiently and everything would have fit in one load.

At this point, we contacted Craig Boothe and complained that everything would not fit in the truck because it was not loaded efficiently since the workers had to move other furniture in the truck first while they waited for us to get them tools. At this point, Craig Boothe verbally agreed to charge us only $270 for the entire move and he would not charge us for any hours longer that went over the 4 hour estimate. This was the final verbal agreement between all of us. We agreed that this deal was acceptable and the movers continued to work.

The movers drove very slow and it took about 30 minutes just to drive 7.30 miles to our new house. This cost a decent amount of time, but we did not make an issue about it at the time after we made the verbal agreement with Craig Boothe. The workers moved the first load to our new house without any problems except for the rainy weather, nicks in the walls, dirt on the white carpet, and some damages to the Queen bed frame, a night stand, and 2 tall dressers.

Once the first load was moved to the house, the workers and I returned to the condo to move the 3 mirrors, 1 King Mattress, 1 Queen Mattress, and 2 bed frames would not fit for the first load on the truck. It took another 30 minutes just to drive 7.30 miles to our new house on the second trip. Once we returned to the new house with second load, the workers emptied the truck and started to put the furniture back together. When the movers started to assemble the bed frames, it was night and dark outside. There are no light fixtures inside the rooms, so we brought up 2 lamps for the movers to use so that they could see in order to put the bed frames back together.

At about 9:45pm, Craig Boothe called us complaining about how long the move was taking. We explained to Craig Boothe that the workers were trying their best to move everything in a timely fashion. Both the workers and us stated to Craig Boothe that the move was taking so long because the workers were not provided with proper tools to take apart the furniture and that the move took 2 trips since the truck was not loaded efficiently. Craig stated that he wanted us to pay an additional $50 because the move was taking so long. We refused to pay him anything extra because we had a verbal agreement with Craig that we would be charged only $270 for the entire move and he would not charge us for any hours longer that went over the 4 hour estimate. Also, we complained to Craig at this point that there were some damages done to some of the bedroom furniture, some of which were bought new in the fall of 2010.

At the end of the move, the workers had papers for us to sign. Both the workers heard about the agreement between Craig Boothe and us about only being charged $270 for the entire move and that Craig would not charge us for any hours longer that went over the 4 hour estimate. We signed the papers and noted on the bill about the price that was verbally agreed about. We requested that one of the workers to initial the bill to prove that there was a verbal agreement between Craig and us involving the $270 cost for the move. We made copies of what we signed to make sure we kept track of what happened.

On April 20, 2011 Craig Boothe sent us an invoice for move. Craig Boothe is now stating that he wants an addition $195 for the 3 additional hours. Also, Craig states that his verbal agreement with us was not valid since he did not provide it in writing. Craig is claiming that he did not authorize his workers about this agreement and that the worker who initialed the bill had no right to do so. He says if we do not pay him in 30 days that he may take further action, including small claims court.

Craig says that we are in breach of contract. He highlighted in the contract sections that we violated. He claims in Section I, Part C that:

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Household goods carriers will transport shipments with reasonable dispatch. Reasonable dispatch requires the transportation of a shipment within the agreed period of time on the moving services contract, except when the circumstances beyond the Carrier???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????s control force majeure, prevent, or delay transportation.???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

How are we in violation of this section when Craig failed to provide the movers with tools to take apart the beds, china cabinet, and mirrors apart which caused the movers to make 2 trips since the truck was not loaded efficiently? The furniture could have been easily moved in one trip had the workers been provided with proper tools and loaded the truck efficiently. The reason the move took so long was because of the mistakes that Craig Boothe made and I believe we should not have to pay for that.

I am very upset about what Craig Boothe is doing. I do not feel that we should pay the additional $195 for the additional 3 hours after we had a verbal agreement with Craig.


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