Home Goods - Home Goods Management Team is Rude!!

Posted on Thursday, April 21st, 2011 at 2:42am CDT by a8cbcf9d

Company: Home Goods

Location: Home Goods Buckhead Store
Atlanta, GA, US

Category: Other

I shop at Home Goods Buckhead store in Atlanta quite often as do a lot of my family and friends but after the my experience the other day i will ask family and friends to not even bother anymore. I will make my story short. I was returning merchandise when the cashier told me that the system went down in the middle of my transaction. The cashier was very helpful and concerned for my time. She apologized over and over again for the inconvience, she called for management to assist her with the problem but he stated to her that "he was busy" and to ask another cashier to help her. She had already asked other employee's to help but they had no other solutions. So she called up management and he still did not come his name is "Mel" that's all i know, but needless to say he never came out to assist. I stood there at least 25 minutes until finally the system allowed her to finish my transaction. I WILL NEVER SHOP HOME GOODS AGAIN....they have good prices but really the merchandise is of poor quality. I have emailed corporate about this matter and has yet to receive a response to my complaint, my money is not free but if i choose to spend it with your company please have the respect to acknowledge my complaint.

Location:Home Good Buckhead Atlanta

Manager: Mel


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