V Australia Airlines, Virigin America &Pacific Blue Airlines - airplane trip from hell

Posted on Wednesday, April 20th, 2011 at 9:10pm CDT by 5662005c

Product: V Australia, Virgin America, Pacific Blue

Company: V Australia Airlines, Virigin America &Pacific Blue Airlines

Location: US

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I made the biggest mistake of my life I flew on these airlines for my trip to New Zealand...I am disabled and was forced repeatly to walk thru the airports cause the wheelchair was never there.. they lost my luggage for 4 days did not bother to offer any type of funds to purschase toothpaste or brush let alone clothing, planes where delayed for over 12 hrs and made to wait in the airport with out any vouchers for food or drinks, no internet service to let family members know that arrival was delayed, no help from ground staff, forced to carry luggage to and from customs and ticket counters without assistance, No Hotels for the delays,or food vouchers or drinks, had to endure two children behind me kicking my seat and throwing food at me the flight attendents would not help, they booked me on a flight to San fransico when I needed to go to Seattle and another plane would not be avaiable till the next day another day spent in the airport...and no one will answer your questions or help.. beware of these airplane companies if you are disabled . They knew are plane would not be avaiable when we landed in

brisbane but refused to tell us.

The cherry on this story was the flight staff took snacks (candy bars) to bribe the customs staff of the airport and when I asked where the wheel chair was the flight attendent told the flight staff on the ground here is another person who decided she needed a wheelchair and the ground staff replied now you know what I go thru everyday. I advise all persons who are going to fly Virgin Airlines, V Australia or Pacific Blue that you should be aware that they have very poor customer service and they don't care how they treat you.

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7a55b70a, 2011-11-12, 12:52AM CST

i was suppose to fly out of brisbane with pacific blue today they were not helpful at all i had to carry my luggage as well as my daughters as well as keep her by me until we got to the gate when we got there normally they let the parents with young children on first to settle them but no we were stuck at the end of the line then my daughter felt sick so i rushed her to the toliet when we got back i was told i couldnt board i was to late my plane was still there they didnt leave for another 20mins i didnt understand i told them i sat there for ages then they took me down stairs i had all this luggage was constantly dropping it not once did they offer assistance my daughter is only 4 she was very upset. they gaveme over to someone else who made us walk all over the place then handed to someone else then told i had to pay full price for another flight i was floored i tryed to explain to them what happend they didnt care my daughter apologized for being sick well crying they looked straight pass her. they do have poor customer service they made me feel like scum the way they looked at us and treated us not an ounce of compassion from them obviously none of them are parents i would be shocked if they were. never again will i fly with them

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