Straight Talk - Straight Talk Customer Service = Awful

Posted on Wednesday, April 20th, 2011 at 7:03am CDT by 9b14ae6d

Product: Straight Talk

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Straight talk customer service is run by braindead monkeys.

God forbid you break your phone and have to order another one, because they will send you the wrong battery with the phone. When you call them and tell them they sent the wrong battery, they'll send you a new battery, only, they sent the same exact incorrect battery for the second time. When you tell them they did it again, they will BS you and say they thought you needed a new battery for your old (broken) phone. Which is horse crap because they sent that same battery with the NEW phone you ordered originally.

When you ask for tracking info on your packages, they will constantly give you old and outdated information for packages that were shipped and received the month before, for items that are completely different from the one you're asking about. This happened at least 5 times, and the customer service always gave the same, old, month-old tracking info. Its like they didn't even glance at the date of the information before giving it to you.

If you have problems with your new phone you purchased and getting it activated, they will ship you an empty box with paperwork and tell you to ship back your new purchased phone, and when you call them a week later to ask what the progress is, they will lie and say that they never got your phone, and say that they have no way of knowing if the phone they have in their possession really belongs to you. Which is horse crap because they can just check the serial codes on the phone and tell exactly who it belongs to.

Also, they will cut off your phone entirely when you buy a new phone when they say they're going to switch it over. If you have problems with your new phone you purchased, instead of leaving your old phone activated so you can still use it, they will cut that off so you have absolutely no access to your account whatsoever.

All of this over the course of more than a month, just to get a new phone because the screen broke on the old one.

Straight talk service is cheap for a reason. Their customer service is deplorable.

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e51593d9, 2011-08-26, 07:33PM CDT

i can relate!!!!

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