Fairy Tale Wedding Store - Fairy Tale Wedding Store (AWFUL)

Posted on Wednesday, April 20th, 2011 at 2:01pm CDT by 9d4471fa

Product: Fairy Tale Wedding Store

Company: Fairy Tale Wedding Store

Location: 2050 Beavercreek Road Suite 101-316
Oregon City, Or, 97045, US

URL: http://www.fairytaleweddingstore.com/

Category: Other

This company is dishonest, rude, and rips people off. Customer Service is awful, I spoke to the manager of customer service (I think her name was Kelly) and she was so disrespectful and unhelpful. They don't care about the customer they just care about making money.

If someone 2 of something and it is advertised as if the company has 2 of something than I should receive what I ordered. OR I should be notified that there is only one available and asked if I still want to purchase only 1 before it is shipped. I was sent an email stating that two items were purchased and a price of $75. Then I received an email from customer service not saying that there was only one item in stock, but just with a price of $42. I immediately responded to this email and questioned why there was a disparity, only to receive another email that said they shipped only one item. I called customer service and was told that I could send back the unopened package but I would not be refunded for shipping or for the cost of shipping to send the package back.

First of all, I didn't order one thing, I ordered two. This was not my error, this was an error by the company, who is guilty of false advertising. Second, I should not have to pay for their error, especially because I notified them immediately of the discrepancy. Lastly, I should not have been talked to so rudely and disgustingly. Kelly has no class.

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kevin p., 2012-09-24, 07:32PM CDT

I ordered $350 worth of stuff for my wedding in October 2012, I ordered it 6 weeks ago as of now, I have been trying to contact them for the last two and a half weeks about the status of my order as I am running out of time for my wedding, I have sent 10 emails and over a dozen messages. Not one response from them no email nothing, they say to email for a quicker response when you call but I have been and before my daily emails I sent one about 4 weeks back, they never responded. There are quite a few of the same stories on the web if you look around long enough....BEWARE!!!!!!

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