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Posted on Saturday, April 2nd, 2011 at 11:02am CDT by 43820671

Product: Dell Laptop

Company: Dell

Location: US


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I bought a very expensive laptop on a 1 year no-interest plan on my Dell "preferred" account - the experience has not been good and has cost me much extra money.

(1) First I wanted to pay of my laptop before the year was out - when I called they said the system was down - they verified my contact # and said they could call back - but never did - I ended up having to pay about $1000 in loaded interest. This is my fault as my mind was on family matters- but still, they said they would call back.

(2) When I bought the laptop I used

direct widthdrawal from my checking account so I'd never be late. This service is apparently managed by CheckFree, though I only set it up though Dell at the time - the payments were taken out every month. I noticed *one year later* that the payments they were taking out was more than necessary. It turns out that CheckFree was posting my payment *one day after* my due date, so that every payment was 30 days late - so they were charging me over $30 extra every single month. Given that I was automatically paying every month, this is unfair to say the least.

(3) Being sick of the whole thing I decided to pay off the rest of the balance, even though I was going to pay all the interest at this point no matter what. Even though I set this up through Dell, to cancel I had to call CheckFree. I did so, pay all my balance due, and made sure that the payments were stopped. Of course, they have not stopped, and just today the same amount has gone into the Dell account as a credit.

After spending probably $10,000 at Dell over the years on my system and others', this is not how I expect to be treated.

Stay away...


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