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Jermaine B., 2011-04-19, 06:59PM CDT

I understand your disapointment, understand that I was not in control of the situation. I kept you and your party informed with what the situation was. I am suing the company Pit Stop Mobile Auto Repair, for ruining your event. I was prepared to compensate you for your evening as I told you. Pit Stop did work on the vehicle earlier that day and left with the keys. After making several attempts to get the keys I had no choice but to call the cops. I have been in touch with my lawyer and this is my one and only recourse.

I understand that the evening didnt go as planned and I am prepared to fix it.

Not everything goes as I would like and that night was not one of them. I am truley sorry for the way things turned out. I hope you accept my apology, and if there is anything I can do to fix it please let me know.

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