Ken's Kennels, Heidewald Farms - Misleading Ads describing Dogs

Posted on Sunday, April 17th, 2011 at 10:07pm CDT by 3b516b82

Product: Seller of Hunting & Rescue Dogs & Puppies

Company: Ken's Kennels, Heidewald Farms

Location: W7105 Noquebay Road
Crivitz, WI, 54114, US


Category: Other

The advertising of dogs for sale and the owners on the telephone are very misleading and the animals on their property ought to be removed for their safety, in my opinion. Heidewald Farms advertise online on various websites selling animals like irishdoodles, irish setters, and others. They post beautiful pictures of them with descriptions of "AKC pedigree papers. Housebroke, wormed and 5-1 shots, dew clawed. What a dog, he's so lovable, friendly, playful,and easy to handle."

The advertising is misleading and downright fraudulent. The owner did not show any papers, but claimed her "sister had them somewhere."

The dog was vicious. The owner had to tightly leash the dog and told us to take 1 step at a time very slowly without looking at the dog. It was clear this dog could harm someone and wanted to by its offensive posture.

I feared for the safety of my child. Clearly this dog was not playful, easy to handle or friendly.

DO NOT bring your children and be prepared to leave in a hurry! They have many dogs in a hidden area behind the house. Most we saw were dirty, and some looked abused or sick, in my personal opinion.

Another misleading concern is that when you talk with Kathy Heidewald on the phone she comes across as all caring, loving and reluctant to let these animals leave her home because they are "so cute and gentle." She embellishes over the phone to try and convince you to come to buy her dogs. She cleverly uses an Irish Doodle, one of the newer trendy dogs people are seeking, to lure people up to her farm and then she employs the ole "bait and switch" sales strategy. After 10 minutes of being scared to death of the doodle, she brings a meek, older dog out. This dog seems like the complete opposite, and your child melts in its presence. The dog is dirty and mangy, but loving. She then says "Oh, but this dog is much more expensive than the doodle, but boy she loves your kid!" In my opinion, this is very cruel and manipulative.

There are newspapers covering the windows of her front door, and she won't let you see much past a small access door to the garage.

They keep all the dogs outdoors in the cold rain in this hidden pen area out back and they are not cute loveable dogs. Some were meek and hoping to get out of there, but the doodle was down right scary. The meek ones were probably hoping to God someone would rescue them. In fact, she advertises some of these as rescue dogs. Indeed, someone desperately needs to rescue these dogs from this place!


df28893d, 2011-06-17, 04:29PM CDT

I bought my Iris Setter at Heidewald Farms three years ago. Rusty was healthy right from the start. Loving, sleeps with us, playful and loves children. We couldn't love Him more. He loves our Britney and loves to swim in our pond. We went there today and got a Gordan Setter puppy. All the dogs were awesome, I went in all the cages. All dogs were friendly. The Vet did a complete check up today. The dog was very social, friendly, licked every face She could, wagged Her tail, they loved her. We couldn't say enough good about the job Cathy does there. The vet said she was a tiny bit over weight. Very nice healthy dog!

01747701, 2011-12-31, 02:34PM CST

My second dog from Kathy Heidewald is as wonder, smart, easy to potty train. What a awesome hunting dog. Wonderful with all children. Thank you again Kathy. This guy must have a big problem to write this stuff. He must be out of his mind!

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