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Posted on Friday, April 15th, 2011 at 2:50pm CDT by 35c97f57

Company: Overseas Adventure Travel

Location: Overseas Adventure Travel 347 Congress Street
Boston, MA, 02210, US

URL: http://www.oattravel.com/

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I booked a trip to Nepal with OAT with a departure date of May 14, 2011. I was assured by Customer Support in March that my departure date would not be cancelled since it had more than sufficient bookings for that date. I got a phone call on April 6, 2011 not only cancelling mt trip due to lack of interest, but also informing me that they had no other dates in May with any availabilies. Many calls to Customer Support resulted only in frustration and no additional information regarding why they cancelled. I wrote to Harriet Lewis and got a phone call, although I specifically requested a written response, from Carl Krebbs in her office. He had no additional information for me. He was just calling to tell me that the company was refusing to provide any compensation, beyond just issuing a refund for the cost of the trip, to me for my inconvenience due to their late cancellation of the tour. I already had my visas and OAT is only refunding a portion of what I paid for them. I purchased clothing to go on this expedition and other items that I would only use on this trip. My question to them is why didn't you see that this date wasn't selling well and call me earlier to allow me the opportunity to switch to another date in May? Also I found out they also cancelled the May 7 date and when I asked why they didn't just combine the 2 dates, there was no answer. I have previosly travelled with OAT 5 times and enjoyed my trips. With that in mind I never expected that the company would treat their repeat travellers so poorly. For anyone looking to possibly book a trip with OAT, my suggestion is to find another company. I know that I will never travel with them again.


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