Tracfone - Tracfone bonus minutes rip-off

Posted on Wednesday, April 13th, 2011 at 6:24pm CDT by 147516a6

Product: Samsung

Company: Tracfone

Location: US

Category: Other

When adding minutes to my phone I was told to contact customer service. When I got through to someone who I could not understand this person hung up on me rather than answer questions. After 7 calls to customer svc. I was then told that the minutes were added but the bonus code was not valid. Amazing since the coupon read "VALID APRIL 2011 OR 2012". I had to speak with 7 different people, none of which spoke English clearly, and each time there was a different explaination.

Within a matter of seconds my phone, which was sitting on the table and with the key lock on, rang. I was speaking with the County Sheriff who asked if I dialed 911. Again, the phone was on the table several feet from where I was with the keylock on. This was the second time the 911 operator contacted me after speaking with someone from customer svc.

The phone has bad reception & customer svc. is completely inept. I wouldn't advise my worst enemy to purchase a Tracfone.


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