Strickland Farms Apartments

Posted on Wednesday, April 13th, 2011 at 12:45pm CDT by d4d38ef6

Product: Harbor Group Management

Company: Strickland Farms Apartments

Location: 12203 Strickland Road
Raleigh, NC, 27613, US

Category: Other

I, Shannon Wells, signed a lease with Strickland Farms Apartment homes on 2/18/2011. I indicated to the leasing office that I and a minor child would be the only occupants of the apartment. The first initial apartments address was 12100 Tango Lane 201, Raleigh, NC 27613. Upon my arrival to the complex, I signed my lease and proceeded to view the apartment. The apartment location was near a heavily wooded area. The office manager did not inform me that the lights that are maintenance by the local energy company were not working until I brought it to there attention. while discussing the current issue. Due to the location, I stated to Diana that I did not feel safe walking around the back side of the apartment before reaching my front door. They stated that no more apartments were available and that I would have to wait approximately two weeks before an opening. They allowed me time to decide to wait the two weeks for another or take the offered apartment.

After returning to the complex, I was approached by office personnel and was offered to see an apartment that just came available. I was accompanied by their maintenance staff to conduct the walk through for the 12120 Tango Lane 103, Raleigh, NC 27613. We negotiated a price due to the fact that the second apartment was priced higher. I returned to the complex to sign the lease later that day. The official move day was 2/19/2011. Upon setting up the apartment, we smelled a musty odor distinct to mold. I immediately noticed the carpet around the door way was discolored indicating water damage. I called the property office and left a date stamped message in regards to my findings. I arrived at the office on 2/21/2011 and spoke with the property manager about the mold smell and the particles under the carpet. I also took detailed photos of the exterior and interior. I was told by management that the apartment would have to be treated but they did not offer to put my child and I in another unit. It was indicated that it was a courtesy to allow me to switch apartments due to the fact that I stated my concerns and fears of moving into the apartment without proper lighting. I explained to Diana that my child is disabled and suffers from breathing problems.

I was also told that their carpet cleaning company would be coming over to treat the apartment and test for mold. Well the problem with that is, the carpet cleaning company does not conduct any test on carpet for mold. I inquired about another agency testing the wall which was the first medium that the rain water passed through. The testing was never done on the wall or any other area of the apartment. I asked is it safe to treat the apartment with myself and child in the home and was told, YES. I had not stayed in the home one nite. It was not a safe living environment and thus far I do not trust the management staff. I was offered on 2/22/2011 by the property manager to get out of my lease but they had to keep my money. To get my family out of harms way, I signed the release and moved on 2/23/2011. I only had ownership of the apartment for 6 days.


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