Taco Mac - Taco mac @ Phillips Arena

Posted on Tuesday, April 12th, 2011 at 12:19am CDT by 46d0815c

Product: David

Company: Taco Mac

Location: Atlanta, GA, US

URL: http://tacomac.com/

Category: Other

There were 10 of us, after the last Hawks game, so yes it was busy but not as much as when the game is on. Horrible server, even worse manager, poor team members and even worse food. Taco Mac is known for its beers, but how can we tell if we never get it even when we have been there 30min and we are told AFTER we complain, our ticket is only 8min long when the rest of our party gets there. The manager gets there when we are about to raise hell cause we have the wrong food and the right food gets there and our beers have not still gotten there cause the bar is "busy." Hold, on though, the two tables beside us that got there after us is on their second round, like for real!!! We are servers and managers and key managers...for real. Is Taco Mac racist cause I'm not BLACK but just about everyone at my table was and my server was and so was the manager, but just about all the white tables that came after the game after us, for their drinks and seconds...so how are we supposed to tell if Taco Mac has good beer or good service or any service, and even after knowing we r servers we were hasseled when our checks came and the manager was below par on his handeling of crisis. Please refer to the TACO MAC @ PHILLIS ARENA for further reading of out whole ordeal because I plan on writing the whole ordeal to corporate.


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