Spitzer Golf cart

Posted on Friday, April 1st, 2011 at 11:48am CDT by 3d1ec27e

Product: Spitzer E3 electric golf cart

Company: Not Available

Location: US

Category: Other

I went to Ebay in search of an Elctric golf cart, remote controlled. Here I saw a number of units ranging from $399

up over a $1000. I was attracted to a product named Spitzer E3 electric golf cart. It provided my very short list of requirements; light,good battery power and of course remote operated.

In the add it read "the SPITZER E3 is the most advanced remote golf trolley on the market. I then went to their website, to further research the product. In the contents section of the decription it read; (1) remote control.

I contacted the company to inform them that I would have to transfere money from my bank to paypal in order to make the purchased. They agreed, and sent an invoice to paypal. I then emailed a party who had purchased the same unit in hopes of receiving a good review on the product and the company. The day I was to released the funds to the Spitzer Golf, I received a response to my email. The party told me about how he recived the unit but it contained no remote control. Only after complaining at length with Spitzer Golf, did they

conceed that the word remote was a used by mistake. Both in the ebay add and their website decription.

When I contacted Spitzer Golf, they said I would have to buy the A6 model to get the remote. The photo and description of the A6 was to my surprise exactly that of the E3.

Credit to the company, after my complaint they did offer a $200 discount

bringing the price of the unit to abit less than twice the price of the original golf cart.

So beware of decriptions you receive as they may differ than what you expect and what you may receive. In my case, be especially aware of products sold by SPITZER GOLF.


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