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Here is complaint filed with FTC, American Express denying rights under "Fair Credit Billing Act". East Coast Financial are taking credit card companys and consumers to cleaners. They use Hotels to pull off scam. FTC requires a cooling off period when holding sales and auctions in Hotel (temp rental space)

FTC complaint primarily against American Express. Aiding and Abeting this East Coast Financial INc ILLEGAL UNLICENSED AUCTION COMPANY. BEWARE OF AUCTION> alledging to have cappers (record the auction) STATE of FLORIDA IS TAKING LEGAL ACTION RIGHT NOW. The ring leader is believed to be based in MIAMI BEACH. We are attempting to locate principals and company. They keep changing corp names and phone numbers. They have had addresses in Miami and Georgia. We seek a meeting with them or would like to know a schedule of Auctions SO I CAN ATTEND AND DO A DOCUMENTARY. In or around Aug or Sept 2010 it appears they are in North Carolina. A mystery answering machine in Georgia never returns message. BUYER BEWARE. if your out there, I want to meet, DOnt run and HIDe

10/24/2009 advertisement in newspaper saying Bernie Madoff Auction. False license numbers on advertisement(FACT) is the first misrepresentation(FRAUD) made by East Coast Financial. East Coast used someone else's license to draw suckers into a "HOTEL" to carry out Questionable AUCTION of ? artwork and ? AIG extremely exaggerated Jewerly that has no connection to Madoff. Alledged British speaking Cappers in audience bidding up items. East Coast Financial not licensed in state of Florida when auction held 10 25 2009. Unlicensed activity complaint filed with State of Florida which is a violation of the law (3rd degree felony). Investigation took place in state of Florida. Even after complaints filed in 10/31/2009, the State inadvertently licensed East Coast Financial in 12/25/2010. The state acknowledged there mistake and has many open investigations with the company and Legal review is in process for possible prosecution. 22 page doc given timely per FCBA to American Express. Amex has opened and closed 5 investigations and does not act in Good Faith in even reading the facts of the Transaction they are involved in, instead they are attempting to strong arm me to pay and aTTEMPTS TO minimize any wrong doing by Merchant(questionable relationship between two, buver its far from over) . This is a multi state SCAM of where East Coast Financial is only one name of many (East Coast, Eastgate trading, Southern Auctioneers something, they keep using moving around the USA. Georgia has a Cease and desist order for unlicensed auction activity. Alot of research was provided to Amex and all of it is being chosen to be ignored. American Express is involved with this Fraud and they continue to deny my Federal Rights under FCBA and also FTC "Cooling -Off Rule" ( Hotel Room rented for 1 afternoon). American Express allows this company to carry out Fraud and use there name and credit card service. East Coast Financial committed a 3rd degree Felony a violation of American Express policy not to allow merchants to engage in illegal activity. American Express aided and abetted this Fraud company allowing them to engage in Hotel Fraud Auctions that were not duly licensed. Used fake licenses to draw public in. East Coast engaed in Fraud and Misrepresentation and now states that nothing has been proven and all they are concerned with is whether or not signiture took place. I claimed that atleast one signiture was forged. The signiture takes place prior to auction taking place not after when the exaggerated inflated by 20 times before merchandise is delivered. The entire auction is not compliant 10/25/2009 from jewerly to fake appraisals from a conspirator out of California AIG. The pattern or Fraud can be seen all over internet where this multi state crime ring that changes names of companys and principals keeps victemizing Americans and they are utilizing American Express Visa and MasterCard to carry out there Fraud. American Express has a Sale in due course as well as a Holder in due Course obligation. The Merchant can not be found, all of there numbers have been disconnected and they are no longer at any locations stated on paper work(NO RESOLUTION CAN BE MADE BECAUSE THEY ARE MISSING ). They move from state to State and from Hotel to Hotel. Georgia has a Cease and desist order on a former company (East Gate Trading). East Gate Trading happens to be the company who rented the Marriott Hotel Room. They are using our credit card system to give them the appearance as being legit. American Express could be colluding with this organization and protecting them. American Express motive, Money and Fees and sales they put through. Been in and out of dispute and investigation since last November. Amex never provides explanation of there position. They dont review the answers of the merchant. Proof is provided at time of auction 10/25/2009 East Coast was NOT LICENSED THEREFORE NO PRESUMTION OF FOLLOWING STATE STATUTES GOVERNING AUCTIONS CAN BE ASSUMED TO HAVE TAKEN PLACE. REVIEW STATUTES FOR STATE OF FLORIDA. RULES DESIGNED TO PROTECT CONSUMERS FROM MISREPRESTATION, FRAUD, CAPPERS, RIGGED BIDS, FALSE ADVERTISING. YOU NAME IT



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