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Posted on Thursday, September 9th, 2010 at 8:50pm CDT by c18cd34e


Company: Jordi

Location: Av.Diagonal 53
Barcelona, Ba, 08025, ES

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From longs times ago, i buy iphone 3g, in 2008 to now, and from the beginning it start to go slow with version 2.0 and 3.0 and now with 3.1.2 too, then i buy macbook, it just start to get bugs "" " " " " " " " " , i write on apple more than 1 e-mails, and no-respons. Now i find in a Spanish web site, the web Spanish site " " , that in the latest update, apple is not saying that they have put a security from virus, " i?m not hacker " i?m consumer, and need to know what i install, becouse i buy this macbook, with my money, i sweat to buy they product, and then i read that apple is not saying what we are installing on our computers, laptops and etc. I?m so terrified, if i can speak with Steve Jobs i will gonna tell him bad words, becouse i?m buyer, they rob my money, for things that don?t works. Steve jobs says that iphone is inteligent mobile, and this is lie, becouse, a inteligent mobile will not hungs up, will not works slow, will not bugs on call, will not drop calls, i have very, very long list bugs, from macbook, iphone and etc. If they don?t resolve this, then i want my money back. Yes i have the right, becouse i?m legal buyer, that buy legal, and Steve jobs sells, broken things, brokens mobile, brokens macbooks, brokens imacs, that don?t work well. On the presentation they will work perfect, becouse if they fall, then the peoples will not buy apples product. Now what i want, is that you, and everybody hears me. Becouse i, you, and all peoples on the planet earth are buying shits. Perdon for my word, but that is the EXACT TRUE.

Best Regards

Jordi Castillejos


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