British Consulate in Santo Domingo - business trip to vancouver

Posted on Wednesday, September 8th, 2010 at 10:43am CDT by 6860f0bf

Product: Flight DL494

Company: British Consulate in Santo Domingo

Location: British Embassy 27 de Febrero 233 8th Floor Ens. Naco, Santo Domingo Dominican Republic
Santo Domingo, DO

Category: Other

On 25th July I boarded the flight DL494 on Service to Vancouver via New York and Minneapolis.

There was a delay at landing due to the bad weather. The crew was informed about 15 minutes later that the bad weather was gone. Instead the airplane land in JFK airport, the plane was taken to an Airport in Virginia to take fuel. This caused a delay of about four (4 hours) which makes me loose my flight connection.

Due to the fact that I loose my connection I standed up from my seat and asked to one of the attendant flight what step I should take in order to get flight to be as soon as possible in Vancouver, since I have a business appointment with a Consular Director on the 26. The girl not only was despective, but she told me that I was not in the position to claim anything because the delay was caused by a bad weather.

I replied to the flight attendant that a customer deserves better approach and treatment and due to the circumstances she should reflected a more professional and friendly actitude. When I replied this to the lady another colleague approached to me and lead me to contact a desk officer at Delta's Counter once the plane landed at JFK Airport.

All the time we were inside the plane in Virginia, the staff was treating customers in miserable way, with very unhelpful actitude. I can recall the situation of a lady (diabetic) who asked for something to eat and the reply from one member of the staff was that "the kitchen was closed".

Once at the airport, the treatment from staff members could not be worse.

After looking around to see who was available. I approached to a lady "Jackeline", who was not assisting anyone at that moment, and without letting me explain her what was my situation and the kind of assistance I was needing, she send me to another guy who was in one of the self service machine. I tried to explain to this person that i need to be booked in the next flight available to Vancouver since I was travelling for business

and exactly in the same unrespectful way as Jackeline and the girl in the airplane, he handed to me three vouchers, saying that the only possible flight for me would be on the 26 at 8:00pm, without taking into account that I explained that I had a business appointment at the British Consulate in Vancouver set at 9:00am.

Again, impersonal, rude and unhelpful actitude from two other members of Delta Staff was displayed.

Despited all the above, I went to the customer line trying to be assisted by one of the member attending in the counter, and again another unhelpful person came, As I noticed that this person was not helpful I asked them for a supervisor, and I was assisted by a very nice person who took 2 1/2 minutes of his time to listen to my situation and provided me with the help he could. Mr. Ernst B. Brionne (I can not recall what his position was) arranged to book flight for me for the next day at 8:00am and he did apologise on behalf of Delta group when I told him the bad treatment I received. He also indicated which hotel I should go with the vouchers and tried to sort out about the 2 meals vouchers for the amount of US6.00 which at the time I arrived to the hotel around 11:45PM, could be used to grab a Lays potato bag and a coke, after all that stressing experience.

It was not only that I missed to attend my work meeting, but I felt I was dealing with very unprofessional staff, who in a distressing situation forgot basic rules of customer service.

I never expected such poor service from staff members of Delta Airlines.

I have been working in the British Embassy for 11 years and 5 months, dealing with many kind of people in distress (including providing assistance in -situ- during the earthquake in Haiti) and I never forget the essence and the nature of work and how important is managing customer expections.

Due to the nature of my position I frequently travelled abroad and I really hope not to have same experience again.


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