Stealing Time - Steal time is what they do!

Posted on Wednesday, September 8th, 2010 at 6:39pm CDT by 4a3a8669

Company: Stealing Time

Location: 488 Wellington Ave West Suite 500
Toronto, ON, M5V 1E3, CA


Category: Other

I have never been so disappointed about a company like this one.

I was hired to do some repairs for this company, I did quoted the job, we agreed with a price, I did the work, sent the invoice. Now they refuse to pay. After 3 months.

If you are planning to do business with these crooks, beware. Management does seem to care, So I wanted to let anyone who is thinking of doing business with this company to stay away.

I have called the office manager several times and no response, I email him, he emails me back to call him, then doesn't answer the phone, or return messages. What kind of shop is this?

Beware of this company if you value your time.

They are called Stealing time for a reason! They steal YOUR time, energy and your money.

I dont want anyone else to feel like I do right now. Crook plain old crooks. Save your time.


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