My Ford Edge is a lemon, and Ford doesn't give a damn.

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Company: My Ford Edge is a lemon, and Ford doesn't give a damn.

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I purchased a 2010 Ford Edge in Dec, 2009. It has been a miserable

experience starting 5 hours after I bought it. Ford Corporate? They just

don't give a damn. Please read on.

W. Oliver

Dealer - Sayville Ford

South Shore Motors Corp.

5686 Sunrise Highway

Sayville NY 11782

P# 631-567-3800


2010 Ford Edge Ltd, AWD, Panoramic Vista Roof, Navigation, Tow Prep

package, Cargo Management System, Black Leather in Sterling Gray Metallic.

Received on 11-28-09. Mileage approx 325 miles.




11-30-09 1) "Tire Pressure Sensor Fault" light came on 5 hours after


Dealer reset sensors and recalibrated.

2) Iphone found not to be fully compatible with Sync


Despite Ford website stating it was

compatible, service dept states there is a Bluetooth incompatibility.

Cannot use USB to access Ipod function as it never stops indexing. Cannot

use Bluetooth effectively as it keeps skipping and can't access controls. It

also activates Bluetooth streaming without letting you know. So the battery

drains. You don't realize till you shut off the vehicle and then hear music

playing on your Iphone. The only way to stop the streaming and have an

ipod was to buy a new Ipod Nano and plug this into the USB. It prevents the

Bluetooth streaming from activating.

Waited at dealer for work. Lost 2 to 3 hours.

1-7-10 1) Sunroof rattling. Persistent noise coming from right

rear of main sunroof glass.

Noise verified. Informed by Jim Barberi at service dept.

that this is a known issue to this model. Stated that both Ford Edge and

Lincoln version suffer from this. He stated that Ford used to replace

sunroofs, but now only attempt repair due to cost. Waiting for Ford to


2) Rear passenger door latch needs adjustment.

Service dept says it is fine.

Waited at dealer for work. Lost 2 to 3 hours.

2-19-10 1)Sunroof rattling. Persistent.

Track lubricated. No effect

2) Transmission delaying and slamming into gear.

Solenoid recall, transmission software upgraded and recalibrated.

Waited at dealer for work. Lost 2 to 3 hours.

3-8-10 1) Sunroof rattling. Persistent.

Lubed gasket. No effect.

2) USB port inoperative.

System recalibrated.

Dealer supplied a loaner car for the 3 days I lost

my vehicle.

3-17-10 1) Sunroof rattling. Persistent.

Located unpadded dowels in track. Padded them. No


2) Brakes pulsating.

Dealer states it happens sometimes.

Recut all 4 brake rotors. Pads were fine. Vehicle

mileage is approx 2600 miles.

Dealer supplied Hertz rental car for 6 days I lost

the vehicle.

4-6-10 1) Sunroof rattle. Persistent.

Ford engineer

supposed to come examine vehicle.

2) GPS system experiencing

software issues.

Initially informed that the control unit was faulty and needed to be

replaced. When I went to pick it up, I was told it was fine.

3) Memory seat losing


Dealer states it

happens sometimes.

4) Rear passenger door

latch again.

Adjusted latch.

I was provided a Hertz rental car. On 4-22-10, I was

called by Jim Barberi, who was my

primary contact at Sayville Ford. He advised that the Ford engineer stated

he didn't hear anything (already confirmed as a problem by technicians, and

I have recordings) and that Ford states they won't authorize anymore work on

the roof. He stated that Ford reported, "The vehicle as is , is

characteristic of the vehicle". I was told that I have to come pick up my

vehicle, and drop off the rental or I would be charged for it. He also

advised that if I am considering Lemon Law Arbitration, by law they cannot

work on it anymore. I contacted a lawyer who stated that is false, that they

have to keep providing service under the warranty. I was also initially

told by Jim Barberi, a few days after I dropped the vehicle off, that the

technicians had tested my GPS system, and that the control head unit was

bad, and they were probably going to replace it. When he called to tell me

to pick the vehicle up, he then said that it was fine. I went to Sayville

Ford on 4-23-10 and spoke to the head of the service dept, Paul Kelly. He

stated that since it is obvious that this vehicle is a Lemon, Ford probably

figures it will have to take it back, and so don't want to pay for anymore

service. Paul asked if I had contacted Ford Customer Service about them

taking this vehicle back. I said I had only dealt with Sayville ford. He

offered to contact Ford for me. He said to keep the loaner car till he hears

back on Monday. On Monday, I was advised that they didn't get back to him,

and that I have to pick up my vehicle. I still had the rattle. I also was

still having problems with the GPS system. The vehicle attempted to send a

vehicle health report, but was unable to complete it. Also, when I spoke to

Jim Barberi, I asked if the paperwork was completed. He said he was

finishing it now, as it was a lot of info to type. When I picked the vehicle

up, he was not there. The girl who helped me couldn't find the paperwork at

the desk, and said she couldn't access it in the computer. She gave me an

abbreviated printout of all my visits. I called Jim Barberi the next week,

and he said he would mail it to me. A week later, I had not received it, and

he said it might have been lost up front by the secretaries, and he would

re-mail it. I still never received anything. They have not been able to

provide me with paperwork for the visit.

At this point, I had lost my vehicle for a total of 30 days, and had spent

3 additional mornings at the dealership for service.

I continued to have problems with the GPS unit. Weather would fail to

update, the Media screen would freeze up occasionally, the Phone screen

would freeze occasionally, the location given by the GPS would sometimes be

off, the Sirius radio would skip, the "NO GPS" splat shows up and stays on

sometimes for 8 blocks and I noticed my maps were about 6 years out of date.

These occurrences happened without overhead obstruction. I contacted Sirius

radio, and asked for an on air update. The Radio, Media and Sound hard

buttons failed. Those screens would not work. They kept trying to send

updates and unfreeze the unit. They said an update should not effect these

systems, and asked if I was having other problems with the unit. When I said

yes, they said the unit was bad, and bring it to the dealer. They wrote up

an incident report for later review. I contacted Sayville Ford, and made an

appointment. I was told it would be about a 3 hour wait. I said I would

wait, and scheduled for 7-15-10.

I also asked if Paul Kelly was available. I had called previously to see

if Ford got back to him, and had been told by Jim that they were waiting for

an engineer to come look at all of the paperwork. Paul wasn't there.

7-15-10 Arrived at Sayville Ford. Told there were only 2 techs who worked

on GPS systems. I was told it would be 8 hours, and that they didn't have

any loaner cars available. I cancelled the appointment as I had no way of

getting home (25 minute ride).

7-26-10 Ramp Ford, Rt 347, Port Jefferson Sation NY, 11776.

1)Dropped off the vehicle for the GPS system. Gave full

report of problems.

2) Driver seat periodically slips forward and back. Feels

like it is the undercarriage.

3) Sunroof shade auto close doesn't always work.

They called later in the day, and said they found nothing wrong. I asked if

the system froze up when they did an update. They said they didn't do one as

they can only do work if they see a problem. I told them the update was one

of the problems! I got a ride there, and had a tech go to my vehicle with

me. I called Sirius and had then read the incident report. Then I had them

send an update. It froze and the technician acknowledged it. He looked at

the seat, and said it is a little loose, but not bad. I went in and spoke

with one of the main service techs. He said Ford won't pay to replace the

unit as it is $3000. They need to try to reload software first, and asked

for my disks. I told him I don't have any, and wasn't given any. He said I

was given them, and we argued till a man from the back office walked

through, heard us and said that the 2010s don't come with disks anymore. All

updates are through the radio. Well, the radio freezes the system. He the

said they can't get the software due to a firewall on their computer. He

said sorry, there is nothing he can do to help, and I should call Sayville


I left and called Sayville Ford, and spoke to Danny. He said they were

lying about the firewall, and just don't want to pay for the software. He

said to try calling Ford customer service. I did, and was told I could get

the disks from Navteq, at www. I went to the site, and saw

they would charge me $199. I called Ford CS again, and described the

problem. The person agreed that I shouldn't have to pay for disks to fix a

warranty problem. He also said Ramp just doesn't want to pay for it. I was

switched to Samantha. She also agreed, and said she would call both

dealerships for me. I also asked her about why Ford would not allow anymore

attempts to repair my sunroof. She said there was no record of that. I told

her of all my visits, and she said the only one in her records was for the

transmission recall. So, Samantha calls me back the next day. She says that

both dealerships say they can't get the software. Then, after initially

agreeing I shouldn't pay for it, she now says I should consider buying it. I

said no, and she said my option was to buy them, or "go to my local

Ford/Lincol/Mercury dealer". I tried to get her to do something, and she

kept repeating the same line. I asked her to stop reading the script and

help me. She said she wasn't reading from a script, and I finally hung up. I

made another appointment for Sayville Ford.

8-4-10 Sayville Ford

They had my vehicle for a day. When I arrived, I saw Paul Kelly.

I asked him if Ford ever got back to him. He said they didn't. I asked about

the engineer, if she ever showed up. He said no, that Ford had recently

changed their Cust Service program. I said I was told by CS that they don't

have records of all of my visits. He said that if they can't fix a problem,

they don't always submit the invoice to Ford. I left and waited to hear

back. I was called back later, and told that they did a master reset, and it

was all fine. I picked the vehicle up. While driving home, it tried again

to send a vehicle health report, and failed. I stopped to reload my

settings, and saw the only thing missing was my Quick Dial numbers. All

presets were still there. I tried to reload the numbers, and found a new

problem. Under Phone, the Phone Book was missing buttons. Some of the

letter buttons ( ABC, DEF etc) were missing. It now seems that when I go to

phone book, some of the buttons are grayed out, and that the ones that are

keep changing. I have taken pictures of it. The other problems are also

still there.

It is now a total of 32 days lost and 3 mornings spent at the dealership.

This doesn't count the day I went to Sayville only to leave again.

On 8-6-10, I was called by Cynthia McGregor of Ford Customer service. She

wanted to know if the GPS was fine now. I told her it was still failing. She

said that they had been having problems with the GPS units, and she would

call Sayville Ford and get back to me in a bout 3 hours. I said I would wait

to call Sayville till I heard back. I never heard back. I left 2 messages

for her on her voice mail, and I called Sayville Ford. I explained what

happened, and was told that Danny deals with Cynthia. I left him a voice

mail, and have never heard back. I finally got through to Cynthia on

8-19-10. I asked why I never heard back. She said that Yolanda said that

the case was closed. I said I never heard of anyone called Yolanda. She said

that Paul had stated that he called and told me that they couldn't do

anything without the disks. I said no one at Sayville Ford ever got back to

me. I again asked about Ford refusing to pay for more work on my sunroof,

Paul contacting them about Ford taking the vehicle back or an engineer

(only told it was a woman, no name) looking into my case. She said there was

no record of any of this. She said she would have Amber Metro, who was

responsible for dealing with the dealerships and buybacks, contact me.

On 8-23-10, I was called by Amber Metro. I explained the situation. She

stated that they were having issues with the sunroofs. She stated she would

set up a meeting with a Ford Field Engineer. This has been set for 9-1-10 at

Sayville Ford.

Well, I had the meeting with Ford on 9-1-10. Amber Metro was very pleasant.

The meeting primarily revolved around the field engineer. It was obvious it

was a well choreographed show, and that he had done it before. From the

start I saw what this would entail. He attempted to establish dominance

right from beginning. He was talking to the others while acting as if I

wasn't there. Then the quick turn around and,"Oh, I should say hello....".

Then, he says "Let's go" as if he is a general, and jumps in my truck behind

the wheel, leaving me standing there. I get in the passenger seat, as he

gets comfortable, puts his phones and keys in my cupholders, points it out

by then saying,"you don't mind, do you?" and then drives off without telling

me where we are going or what he is testing. It was all to establish

dominance over me in my own vehicle, and over the situation. I tried to not

burst out laughing. It seemed like it was right out of a training course. I

guess it works sometimes. Usually when someone does this for conflict

resolution, they are trained to be more subtle. As I said, I knew how this

would go. Everything I pointed out as wrong he made sound as if it was

nothing, or couldn't understand what I meant. Example.I was showing him

screenshots of the Nav system's Phone screen that show grayed out areas,

and he said he doesn't see anything wrong. When I mentioned the Nav system

freezes when it gets an update, he said he doesn't think there is all that

much important in the updates, anyway. While we were driving, I knew this

was a waste of time. They, ( Bob, Paul Kelly the service manager and Amber

) seemed to know each other well. They kept up a conversation while I sat


We drove around for a while, then went back to the office. At one point he

said that if the transmission acts up again, I could bring it back in to be

reset. He saw my face, and said if I didn't want to drive there, I could

take a wrench and disconnect the negative battery terminal to reset it. When

I asked if he was really telling me to disconnect cables myself to fix this,

he quickly backtracked and said, no, he would never suggest that. The

disclaimer went on for a bit more, and he said he was just throwing it out

there. When I again mentioned all the problems, he said all vehicles have

problems, even his. That it was normal. Normal?! I said systems started

failing 5 hours after I bought it, that I lost it for 30 days in the first 4

months, that everything is going wrong, that I have lost it now for 32 days

and 3 mornings and have 5500 miles and that this is normal??? He then said

they would give me new brake rotors and replace the GPS system. It doesn't

address why the brakes failed at 2600 miles, so I don't know if I will be

getting frequent brake jobs. His solution for fixing the tranny was

ridiculous. I still have the seat problems. I would have to wait till it

gets colder so he could hear the roof rattling (already documented), and

then lose it for who knows how much more time as he again tries to fix it,

when all they have to do is replace it. It turns out he is the engineer who

looked at it when they had it for the 3 week period. So he is the one who

back in April could have taken care of this, but dropped the ball. Now he is

the one who reviews the situation and his place in it. Is he going to tell

Ford the situation is out of hand and the vehicle needs to be replaced? I

said I was done with service visits, and didn't want to drag this out any

more months. I said just replace the vehicle. He asked a few more times, but

I said I had had enough, and don't trust this truck. So, now I have to wait

and see. I could actually see that Amber was uncomfortable with the

conversation, and I saw her nodding , yes, when I repeated that I wanted a

new vehicle.

Then, on 9-7-10 at approx 10AM, I received a call from Cynthia McGregor

who called to inform me that Ford has decided they will not replace the

vehicle. She stated that I still have the option of taking it up with the

BBB. I told her I anticipated this response and have already planned to

submit a package to the NYS AGs Office's Lemon Law Arbitration. It seems I

have run out of other options at this point.

The meeting was on 9-1-10. Give a day to write his report up and submit

it. A day for Ford Legal to get it. A day for it to be sent to Ford Cust

Service. Then, the next business day, today, to call me first thing in the

morning. It comes up one day too many as the Labor Day Weekend came up, and

all offices were closed Monday. If no one did anything on the Friday, it is

2 days too many. There was no consultation on this at their end. This

decision was made before I even had the meeting. They just had to put it on

file. What a waste of another day.

When I purchased this vehicle, I never imagined the nightmare owning it

would be. I have had Fords before. I have a friend who has the Edge and

loves it. Since the day I bought it, systems have been failing. I have

found others online with the same problems as mine. No one has all of

these problems in one vehicle, though. I spent $37,400 out the door on

what I thought was a state of the art American Made SUV. What I have is a

vehicle I don't trust, don't feel safe in and have no confidence that more

won't go wrong. I will not drive it outside of my local area, and will not

put my family in it. If the brakes and transmission have failed, what is

next? The steering? Are they going to fail again? What good is a vehicle

with all the extras if you can't take it anywhere, or get the extras to

work. I have wasted way too much of my life in service departments. 32 Full

days in the shop, another 3 mornings waiting, and it only has 5500 miles on

it! Everyone I speak or blog to about this whole situation is amazed that

Ford has not remedied the situation yet. It should never have gotten to

this point. I no longer want to deal with this vehicle.

W. Oliver


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