Table for Six Total Adventures & Entertainment - Table for six is a cheating organization -- don't waste your money

Posted on Tuesday, September 7th, 2010 at 1:59am CDT by ecf4123c

Product: Dating/Match making service

Company: Table for Six Total Adventures & Entertainment

Location: 291 Geary St Ste 306
San Francisco, Ca, 94102-1806, US

Category: Other

Table For six is a true cheating organization. Their strategy is to offer such a match that a members will loose interest and wont communicate with them and they will keep the money.

Is there any Govt in America ?if so, how this kind of organization continues their business after cheating hundreds of people?

What are their tricks to cheat a member?

Before the introduction they don't give a photo and written profile of the match. Everything is verbal.

Most of the cases they intentionally passes the exaggerated or totally false information about the match .

After couple of introduction when a member starts questioning about their false promise to provide a match as per the members criteriathey stop communicating all together.

Here is what happened to me

I paid $3400 on 08/08/09for seven dates .

Before I signed up the contract ,I met with their director Maureen and not only verbally explained what I am looking for ,also I filled up a form specifying my needs, interests and basic requirement related to the women, I would meet.

But till December,2009 they introduced me to three women. I found out in each introduction that ,while selecting the woman they completely ignored the criteria, I set.

For two matches they given me false information about their age.At the time of introduction,they told me they are older than whatever age my match maker informed.

Before the very first introduction they selected woman and passes false information about her ,when I found out her true profile in myspace,they said she is not interested.

Though before taking the membership, strictly I told them, I am not ready to meet with a separated/widowed/divorcee woman but in second date they sent a separated woman.

After I complained, on December,2009, about the quality of women, I met, they all together stooped communicating with me. But I called their director Maureen several times, left voice mails, but she never replied. Once I was able to spoke with her, but she convinced me either she or Mandy will call me later to discuss about my concerns, on the next day. But they never called me.

I already complained against them to BBB but they are not responding and BBB told me they are 'C' rated.

What action I am going take against them?

File complaint to DCA,CA

File a complaint to DOJ,CA

File a complaint to DAs Office, Orange county, A

Lastly,I would file a small claim case against them.

If any one has the similar experience with them and already filed a small claim case against them , I need your help/advice to fight against this cheater.Please send me mail at [email protected]


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