Allegiance TV - Poor Service and Awful Customer Service

Posted on Monday, September 6th, 2010 at 1:30pm CDT by bce63649

Product: Allegiance Cable TV

Company: Allegiance TV

Location: No local address
Chandler, Ok, 74834, US


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Below is the complaint that I sent to Allegiance.

I am a current customer that will be canceling my service within the week. I will also be making a better business bureau complaint regarding my experience with your company.

1. It took over a month to get my service up and running.

2. The installer (apparently the only installer servicing Chandler) never showed up on installation date. I had to call several times to finally get an installer to show up.

3. The installer showed up with two of the oldest, dirtiest, and biggest cable boxes in existence. The first one he tried to hook up didn't even work, and the second only worked for two hours and then died.

4. I called customer service who instructed me to drive 45 minutes to Shawnee and exchange the two boxes, after driving there, I was informed that "Chandler" boxes aren't available in the Shawnee office.

5. Two days later, I had two working boxes and the service was "up and running."

6. The picture quality was awful from day one, and the installer had no idea how to address it. My house was recently rewired for cable and has brand new cat 5 cable throughout the house, and even though the installer blamed my wiring for the poor picture quality, my new DirecTv service works wonderfully.

7. Pay per view is apparently not available in Chandler either, which your customer service folks apparently are not all aware of. It took three phone calls this weekend to figure that out. The first two wasted my time processing my order for the OU football game, then troubleshooting my cable box, and then finally on the third phone call confirmed that pay per view is not available for Chandler customers. A limitation that was obviously not disclosed to a new customer.

8. I have worked as a manager in the call center and customer service industry for over ten years, and I have NEVER experienced worse customer service or first call resolution in my life.

9. Each and every time I had to call Allegiance, I spoke with people who obviously did not care about their jobs, your customers, or your reputation as a service provider.

10. Based on the poor quality, poor customer service, and the highest price of any local cable tv provider, I am cancelling my service with Allegiance as soon as the Shawnee store is open again. Because apparently, I also have to drive to Shawnee to return the antiquated equipment that doesn't work.

In closing, I was born and raised here in Chandler, and I will make sure that everyone I speak with in this town knows that Allegiance is the worst possible option for cable tv. You do not have the infrastructure, abilities, equipment, or customer service necessary to be a quality service provider in this area.


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