Edward Jones - Edward Jones Brokerage Firm Clinton, Iowa

Posted on Sunday, September 5th, 2010 at 6:34pm CDT by 9a4eb858

Company: Edward Jones

Location: 947 13th Ave. No
Clinton, IA, 52732, US

URL: http://www.edwardjones.com/cgi/getHTML.cgi?page=/en_US/fa/index.html

Category: Other

Broker summoned me to his office under false pretenses saying he had "a couple of recommendatins for me" on September 3rd, one day after I was in his office with my mother and brother who were transacting business. Mr. Kedley approched me in a threatening manner to say I was not longer welcome in his office and that I had gone to "inappropriate areas of his office" the day before. I was at a total loss and could not understand. He said he saw me crouching down behind his front desk. I was with my mother and brother and asked only to the secretary "what is the market doing" she said, "let's look" I was not behind the desk at all. Mr. Kedley kept saying I saw what I saw. I said you are wrong Jerry and are making a mistake. I can't believe that someone who holds a brokers license and is managing my money for over 5 years would act in such a disoriented way. He seemed wild and almost scary in his approach to me. I just want him to be notified of his unprofessional behavior and that I would like to transfer my funds without a problem or more hostility from him. Thank you. .


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