Verizon Wireless - Verizon Wireless Horrible Customer Service!

Posted on Thursday, September 30th, 2010 at 4:08pm CDT by 3bbe61ac

Product: Cellphone

Company: Verizon Wireless

Location: US

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A month ago I spoke to a Customer Service Rep from Verizon Wireless about my bill. It was $200 more than usual because family from out of town had used their prepaid card on my phone, and I didn't realize these prepaid cards still used up my minutes. He said he would give me half off the overcharge. This month's bill shows there was no such discount given. I called a second time today, and found out that there was no documentation of our conversation. The person I spoke with, Bella, was inferring I was lying about it and said she could only give me 25% off. I asked to whom I could complain because it's not my job to ensure their employees do their job and follow through with what they promise. She sounded like a broken record, completely avoiding my question and just offering the 25% off. Finally, after my patience ran out and I was short with her, she passed me on to a Supervisor named Elizabeth. Elizabeth started out nice, but kept lecturing me about how the person I spoke to "should have" negotiated the fee and had me pay for a higher minutes plan so I wouldn't be hit with the over minutes usage fee, and how he "should have" done this and "should have done" that. I told her that what this guy "should have done" and what "he actually did" were totally different, and I should not have to pay the consequences for him not doing his job correctly - in the nastiest tone I've EVER heard someone in Customer Service use, she told said "FINE! I'm going to give you the 50% off to meet your expectations but let it be clear this will NEVER happen again, and I'm going to make a note that we will NEVER extend another credit to you!" My mouth dropped open - who the hell does this lady think she is???? I'm looking for a new provider.

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3bbe61ac, 2010-10-05, 06:10PM CDT


Got another bill - an "overdue" bill from Verizon today... apparently not even the SUPERVISOR knows how to follow through with what she says!!! The discount in question, the one she said she would honor, was not given and hence this new "overdue" notice... At least she had the curtousey to write a note on it (unlike the first guy) but seriously... when the Supervisor doesn't do her job and follow through with what she offers, you have a serious problem Verizon!

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