New York State Insurance Fund - New York State Insurance Fund NYSIF does not pay Injuried Volunteer EMS Worker , Melville, New York

Posted on Thursday, September 30th, 2010 at 2:27pm CDT by 1aa605a4

Product: Volunteer Ambulance Workers Compensation

Company: New York State Insurance Fund

Location: 8 Coroporate Center
Melville, NY, 11747, US

Category: Other

I am a volunteer EMS ambulance worker for over 20 years had never filed a workers compensation claim in my life. On 1/23/2010 I was injuried while responding to a EMS call in which I DO NOT RECEIVE A PAY CHECK. At this time I am fighting for my benfits, my department(EMPLOYER) has repeatedly told the carrier I was injuried in course of employment but the carrier keeps fighting it. I understand that

the carrier is to protect us, an if they want to argue pre-extisting injuries but the fact remains I was injuried responding to a volunteer EMS call. This is unjust and unfair treatment of a volunteer that I have given to my community over 20 years. My Neck condition is becoming worst and the WCB board just had there secong hearing on 9/20 note 8 months later. And we are still debating the fact

that I was injuried on a call. The current Chief of the department was deposed and stated I was hurt on a EMS call. This is all very unbelivable. I have several awards form Congressman, Senators and Assemblyman. Matter of fact you can contact Senator Brian Foley office. He is now involved in this mismangament of my claim. And also Assemblyman Fred Thiele's office. Thanks for your time

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1aa605a4, 2011-09-01, 08:49PM CDT

Just an update, I lost my appeal and now I filed with the NYS Appealant 2nd Department for an appeal. UNBELIVABLE

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